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  1. We are above average for most Things, except good passing and really weak decision making+finishing.
  2. Thanks, yes that's what I meant. And thanks for the Advice, I have a second 4-4-2 tactic blueprint that I Need to work on. Are lower league Teams better, when you reduce the Speed? Because then I feel that they have more time to think it works better. Also my tactic works better in Cups for whatever reason, we suck against Bigger Teams in the League but win every Cup match somehow.
  3. I wrote in my post the roles at the end in English, but HaS is DLF, IAS is IF, MEZ is MEZ, behind are WB and CD. I changed the strategy up a bit, so now the B2BMid changed place, the MEZ is a CM(A) and the T a Winger. The Defense works great so far, but especially against Hard Pressing Teams my Midfield hardly generates good Chances. Duties are (translated from GER): "Pass into Space", "Hold Formation", "Be Patient (Shoot Later)" and "Use more aggressive Pressing)"
  4. Ok thanks, which screen should I attach for Info, the Overall strenght of the Players? Overall my Team is quite fast and really fit. The strikers are really not good finishers. I thought About changing the Tre for another Inside Forward, Raumdeuter or Winger, but really not sure it will work. Or switching the MEZ (now on the Right) for a CM-S/A
  5. Hello Community, I have been playing FM19 for the past month and despite guides and tweaking, I just cant make my Team reliably getting results. The chances I get are usually headers or from a short distance, my Defence is solid and gets lots of draws. My Player strenght Looks good, but the T on the Right side seems isolated, despite being almost a 3* guy. Also please suggest some instructions, as it is not my strenght. PS: Sorry for having my FM in German, roles are CD+WB behind, CD(D)+Mezzala+Box2Box Mid and an AF in Front. Orders are Pass into Space, More Agressive Pressing and slightly lower Speed.
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