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  1. hi guys need some new save ideas, preferrably long term so i can get back into the game. Ive tried the british and irish steel challange and failed that but i really enjoyed it so maybe something slong the lines of that
  2. Hey guys I am looking for a challenge to be able to really sink my teeth into. It can be quite low down. It can be from anywhere as I haven’t really explored many leagues this season or a challenge to do. Thank you!
  3. Do you guys start with no experience or do you put it at one? Just wondering
  4. Hey Guys, Im Back! Now, I'm looking for a long term save to really get into over the year. Something that will be a real challenge and that I will be able to get stuck into over the year. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi guys I am in need of a save to do before the end of fm19. I would like it to be a top league team so I can hopefully complete it by the end of fm. Thanks once again!
  6. I was thinking about trying this next fm! But for now I need something shorter term which can hold me off until the end of the game
  7. Hi guys I was looking for a new challenge to do in fm19. I thought that this thread was very good at making some and want a new challenge for this game. I’ve already done the journeyman and thoroughly enjoyed it so I would like something like that or just something new. And recommendations would be much appreciated
  8. Hey guys I downloaded a transfer update database and I need to choose a team. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
  9. Hey guys I would like to manage a team from the top flight of a top 5 league. They can be from mid table and preferably good financially. If you have any ideas please drop them in the comments. Thank you.
  10. This is a very good community for this so I’m going to ask something. I would like to manage a team with an interesting backstory. Maybe an obscure one or one from a lower league in the top 5 that may have fell on hard times or just have a really interesting backstory. I love managing a team with a good story and would like to read some even if I don’t pick it to have a save with. Thank you.
  11. Hey guys I’ve tried multiple saves but none of them have much appeal to me. I would like to have a save which makes me work for something and make me feel rewarded at the and. Any suggestions are always appreciated
  12. Hi again everyone. I have heard a lot about the pentagon challenge but I'm not really sure what it is or how to set it up. Any help with this topic would be appreciated. Thank you once again everyone.
  13. Hi everyone, I struggle to keep focus on one save at a time, usually being one season before I eventually stop with the team. Is there any challenges for a budding fm player like myself to play and enjoy? It can be anywhere or anything so go crazy.
  14. Hi everyone. I would really like to start a new save and really get stuck into one for a long time. Please feel free to leave any suggestions for teams to manage or for any challenges for me to try out. P.S sorry i'm pretty new to this forum and don't really know about many decent things to do other than the basic teams and leagues and would like to manage further afield.
  15. Hi, here is my main tactics screen if it is any use to you. Didn't expect a reply back this quick! thank you for your help.
  16. Hi guys you may have seen my post on the main forum about tactics. I would like to play a more attacking style of football using the tiki-taka as it seems to work most of the time. Attached are my tactics.
  17. hi everyone, recently i have started a new save. It is all going well as I haven't lost a game in 10. But the majority of these results have been 1-0 wins and a lot of drawing with about one or two 2-0 wins. Can someone who is experienced please tell me the formula to help my players score as we should be winning the league but have dropped to fourth and almost fifth. I am really enjoying the save but this is a major problem. PLEASE HELP!!
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