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    Hi I'm Aaron the former Swindon Town and Supermarine Researcher for Football Manager

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    Former Swindon Town & Supermarine Researcher - http://thewashbag.com

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    Swindon Town / Swindon S

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  1. Considering whether to upgrade the PC after nearly 7 years, current performance... Computer Type: PC CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k @4400 MHz OC GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series RAM: 8 GB DDR3 @800 MHz OS: Windows 10 X64 Version 1803 Storage: SSD Benchmark A: 3 min 39 sec Benchmark B: 7 min 29 sec Benchmark C: 10 min 29 sec
  2. Dinamo Minsk - 2016 Season - Belarusian Premier League - October to December 2016 Again, like last season, the title race was just too close with BATE. After the 1-1 draw with our rivals we were 1 point ahead, but then we went 1 behind after a 3-3 draw with Naftan in the penultimate game. We were lucky to come away with anything after being 1-0 up, our star AML was given a deserved red card and we were 1-3 down at HT. Gung-ho normally doesn't work for me with 10-men, but this did and we managed to hold on the for the draw. In the end it was BATE who threw away the title after a 2-2 draw in their final game which was played the day before us due to their Champions League commitments. We knew that a win or draw would secure the title, which we won with a 2-0 victory for Dinamo Minsk's first domestic title since 2004! Our Europa League campaign fizzled out as we finished bottom of the group, but I couldn't care less. Looking forward to Champions League football next season...
  3. Amazing achievement winning the European Championships. Looking forward to the Confederation Cup? How's the national team ranking, surely top 10?
  4. Checked the league rules, but can't see any special dispensation given to Russian players - which makes sense as I can't recall many Russians playing in the league.
  5. Very happy with this result...
  6. Dinamo Minsk - 2016 Season - Belarusian Premier League - August & September 2016 After a surprise 3-1 win at Valerenga to make the Europa League Play Off, I decided to prioritise making the Group Stage. Unfortunately, with a weakened team before the Play Off 1st leg at FC Kobenhavn we suffered first defeat of the season to city rivals Minsk - meaning our 29 game run in all comps stretching back to November 2015 was gone. Fortunately after a 2-2 draw in Denmark we held onto a narrow 1-0 win at home to make the Groups - where we'll face Inter, Partizan and Legia. League form has continued to be indifferent. We also lose our game in hand over BATE so we have a narrow 1 point lead. As we've still to play BATE and Minsk (4 points behind) have played us both, I've a sneaking suspicion they'll win the league if we draw the derby.
  7. Also, is there any reason why you are weak in both CA and PA in all midfield positions?
  8. Congrats on making the Champions League...at least you scored a goal in the group stage and the bank balance is healthy! It'll be interesting to see how this progress helps the club and league ranking / rating
  9. At least you beat Leek in December... Do you think you'll meet those media predictions for 7th?
  10. Dinamo Minsk - 2016 Season - Belarusian Premier League - June & July 2016 After the cup success in May I'm awarded the manager of the month and a two-year contract extension until December 2018. Our unbeaten run continues, currently 26 games in all competitions since November, including a 1-1 draw with rivals BATE and we even beat ****sk. Our European adventures start in the Europa League 2nd Qualifying Round. I'm surprised as anyone with a 7-1 win at AGF playing counter-attacking football to win 9-2 on agg. Next up we've played Norwegian side Valerenga, runners up in the Tippeligaen, and are more than a match. Hopefully we can keep the run going...
  11. Dinamo Minsk - 2016 Season - Belarusian Premier League - April & May 2016 Our unbeaten start to 2016 continues in all competitions, which meant we won the Kubak Belarusi The final was a complete 4-0 outclassing of Dnepr Mogilev, who I can't believe drew 0-0 with us back on 2nd April. The final could've been a seven or eight goal hammering, but given we had a match in a few days we took our foot of the pedal. The league form remains great, exempt the usual winless game vs ****sk, which is becoming a rivalry in my mind. In this two-team league for the title, it is BATE who have dropped the early points and lost a game, but three points difference is nothing.
  12. Fantastic save. Presumably you didn't request the stadium expansion? Shocking decision to expand the stadium at the expense of maintaining the training facilities.
  13. Yes, strangely the cup is played between June 2015 and May 2016. At least an opportunity for some silverware early in each season.
  14. Dinamo Minsk - 2016 Season - Belarusian Premier League - February & March 2016 A busy pre-season sees ten players arrive for £368k. Of those, six are Belarusian, generally squad players that are purchased to bolster the quality of the home-grown ranks given the foreign player restrictions. Pre-season was purposely without a major test as we strolled to be unbeaten. The final rounds of the Kubak Belarusi Cup are scheduled for Spring. In the QF we beat holders Shakhter Sologorsk 3-1 before thumping city rivals Minsk 5-0 in the SF. Surprisingly BATE were beaten by recently promoted Dnepr Mogilev in the other SF, to met us in the final on 22nd May. Dinamo start the league campaign with a convincing victory against Gomel 5-0, which was a perfect start seeing they inflicted my first league defeat back in August.
  15. Dinamo Minsk - 2016 Season Preview - Belarusian Premier League Competition Reputation in Europe - 19th (+2) [1st - La Liga] Title Odds - 3/1 [Favourites - BATE evens] Board Expectations - 'Around Top of League' Transfer Budget - £977,000 Wage Budget - £59,540 per week TV Rights - £74,910 Balance - £1,042,910 The League is expanded from 14 to 16 teams for the 2016 season, so there are now two relegation places to the second tier. The extra four league games are going to cause real fixture congestion in June to August when I'd want to be concentrating on progression in Europe... European qualification remains as 2015 with the title winners qualifying for the Champions League Second Qualifying Phase and those finishing 2nd and 3rd entering the Europa League First Qualifying Round.
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