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  1. I really don't mean to be rude but why do you point me to that thread which is closed and where they only talk about if the game will be delayed? In my original post I ask different quesitons not only about the release. Moreover, I ask the community what they think, I only cite the developers at the very end of my post and already say that they can give info if they have it. I just wanted to start a healthy discussion and see what the community thinks about this matter. If you see, I ask the people three times before asking any dev... I don't know what is wrong man but I think a forum is for the community to give opinion and talk about different matters. But you just took out all my willingess to do that.
  2. Until then we can indeed speculate, formulate questions, debate, give opinions, fantasize... I think that's already quite something and probably what a forum is for (?)
  3. So, how do you think the coronavirus outbreak will affect the next version of FM? I have some questions without answer. Will they release the game anyway on November? I guess in their business model that's what they have planned but can they do it if some leagues have not started yet? Or if they have started later than usual? How are they going to manage the economic crisis that is forseen in football? It seems that even the big clubs will have very few money to get new players. Will they respect that? Will they lower the price of the players then? Or will they opt for ensuring the fun of signing players by giving the usual money to the clubs and being less realistic? Will they maybe tune the AI so that it accepts more player interchanges (as this is what it seems will happen irl). How will they simulate the next seasons? And again, especially from an economic point of view. How will they make clubs recover or not from the crisis? Can they implement the possible changes to the ending of the different leagues? And here I am asking two things. First, do they have time now to code the game? Can they keep working? Second, if some leagues finish late. Will they have time to implement whatever changes have occured? Say, if some leagues decide to have more teams in the next season, or if the champions league has to change format for next year or whatever. How is all of this going to affect new features for the next version? If they have to cope with all this unexpected work, will we get whatever new features they had planned? Personally, a fix to the ME would be enough to me (but that is NOT a debate I want to start). I don't know. What is your opinion people? What other questions do you have? What would you do? Maybe a dev can give answers to some questions (if they have them).
  4. I am just bringing this up again, as it seemed to raise interest but was not followed up.
  5. I've seen this reported other times but I want to add to that. I see my solo striker not supporting the runs at all even though he has good stats of speed, acceleration and off the ball. You can find a clear example in the attached pkm in minute 66:30, but I see it quite often.Bayer 04 - RB Leipzig.pkm
  6. Sorry, I messed up with posts and pkm. You can find it attached now. RB Leipzig - Schalke 04.pkm
  7. Every time the opposition goalkeeper has the ball RB Leipzig - Schalke 04.pkmtwo of my players run to pressure him. I think only one of them should do it and the other should be covering the pass.
  8. Please tell me this is a bug. At minute 67 my keeper just drops the ball to the ground and lets one of the oposition strikers take the ball and score. And if it is not a bug at the much very least make my keeper have a bad rating... he finished the game with 6.7 rating.
  9. I notice that there are way too many (stupid) offsides of the wide players whoever the player is (wingers, full backs, midlefields...). It is really stupid offsides as it is a static attack where the wide player just decides to be two fingers in front of the last defender. I attach a couple of pkms but it happens in almost every game. RB Leipzig - Schalke 04.pkm Würzburg - RB Leipzig.pkm RB Leipzig - Eintracht Frankfurt.pkm
  10. I of course did that already and even thought the improvements in the central game is not explicitly mentioned, there is a section called "Various other balancing tweaks/improvements". I thought that maybe this could be included in there. Don't be so tilted about me politely asking a question
  11. Awesome! Will test the update this afternoon. May I ask if the lack of central play is also fixed?
  12. Just adding another PKM here. I can just upload any game I play with Inter 3-5-2... Absolutely 0 internal passes, the two wing backs crossing balls to each other and too many stupid offsides where the wing backs are just standing there. I also have the feeling that there are much less goals, these are the last results I got: 3-2, 0-0, 1-1, 0-0, 4-1 (opposite team got one player sent out), 0-0, 4-0 (opposite team got one player sent out) 0-0, 0-1. In the attached PKM you can also see Lukaku fail all the headers, sending many of them just too far off and the others being stopped by the keeper. In my humble opinion I think that all of this may be fixed when you can make players use the middle of the field more efficiently, which is in this version the most game-killing thing. Too much wide play.pkm
  13. I am not sure if this is working as intended, but I think that it happens too often that the attacking team wins the headers but the ball goes way too far off. I had this feeling not only in the attached game but also in others. Headers too far off.pkm
  14. I think that there is some real bad goalkeeping in Bad goalkeeping minute 56.pkmthe attached game at minute 56. Also, my keeper finishes the game with 6.9 rating, which would make me assume everything was alright when it wasn't.
  15. Hi, I already posted this during the beta and still no fix after almost two months. I have a Dell Precision 5520 (DXDiag file attached) and when I play any game I get GPU usages of 90% (see picture below) with the fans running at max speed and draining the battery life really fast. It is impossible to play the game like it is now as I don't want to risk burning my PC. I have installed the latest version of the game (20.2.3) and updated the graphic card drivers. I am playing using the recommended settings for 3D match rendering. I am dissappointed that you guys 1) don't have the game optimized more than one month after release and 2) just deleted my previous post in the beta bugs forum without providing a final answer. DxDiag.txt
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