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  1. @knap What tactics should I use for Arsenal with version 20.3.0-1350875 (m.e.v2040) from steam. there are many different ones and I found it hard to see which one I should use exactly, for a 4-4-1-1 or 4-1-4-1 and strong wings, as I enjoy playing with just one striker , and that would suit my Arsenal team in the second season and any future seasons ahead. A big thank you for your great work you do with all the tactics.
  2. I thought more about the AMC player in bloodlust, what is required for the optimal player.
  3. How about Attributes for the players with the two tactics Bloodlust V3 and Punisher V3 Have you updated them yet, or are you planning to do so...?
  4. What about Individual Training Focus to this Tactic...? I started with Arsenal, With the squad for 19/20 season, no sales or purchases, I will build them up with English Talents over the coming seasons is my plan.
  5. What is the name of the tactic you use??? :-)
  6. What about training and set pieces situations... ? Sorry my English..
  7. It is very detailed written, I will try your tactics with Liverpool and Stoke to see which team is best suited to this tactic,and otherwise follow your advice,that you have written.. Excuse my English.
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