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  1. Here is the USL League 1 including the Rochester Rhinos and as yet to be officially announced Portland United (Portland Maine). They have said that they could have as many as 24 clubs for 2021 another potential expansion candidate is New Hampshire FC but no crest has been released as of yet.
  2. The Western Conference of the USL Championship including Oakland Roots SC and the new crest for Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
  3. The Eastern Conference of USL Championship Note : I could not find the small logo for Charlotte Independence and I did not include Saint Louis FC as they are not playing in 2021
  4. The Western Conference of MLS Note : Sacramento Republic will not join until 2023 and will continue to play in the USL Championship Western Conference until then
  5. if your like me sometimes I lose files and forget to back them up and so I thought I would help out with some of the logos. So here is the Eastern Conference of MLS
  6. Queensboro FC released their branding today
  7. some NISA expansion news https://www.frontrowsoccer.com/2020/02/26/a-team-in-bayonne-nj-teamsters-fc-joins-nisa-for-2021/
  8. Just In case you haven't added Ottawa's actual crest here it is
  9. @Uncle Sam with the 2019 season coming to an end and the off season kicking into gear there has been some changes (some of which have already been discussed here. UPSL: is now sanctioned as a national league and considered a 4th tier league (same tier as NPSL and USL League 2) NPSL: Las Vegas Legends FC has joined the league Muskegon Risers SC has joined the league North Alabama SC has joined the league Valeo FC has joined the league Fort Wayne FC has joined the league World Class Premier Elite has joined the league USL League 2 : AFC Ann
  10. the New England Revolution and Inter Miami are starting USL League 1 Clubs https://www.uslleagueone.com/news_article/show/1055533
  11. the USL League 1 club has officially been named Union Omaha https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Omaha below is a copy of its crest. Also I am including updated cresta for the NISA clubs. Connecticut United is the rumored name of the Connecticut club and this is the rumored crest. The Providence club is rumored to be some reorganized form of the Rhode Island Oceaneers. Also the USL Championship club announced that they will begin play in 2020 and are expected to release their crest and colors later this monrh, The Swope Park Rangers will change their name to Sporting KC 2, it's rumored t
  12. it appears that Nisa has released their fall 2019 schedule https://nisasoccer.com/schedule. some information gleaned off of this: ` Every club except for Los Angeles has been Identified they are as follow stadiums have also been identified (listed beside every club) California United Strikers FC- Championship Stadium Miami FC- Barry University Stumptown Athletic FC- CSA Ortho Carolina Soccer Complex Oakland Roots- Laney College Atlanta SC- St. Francis High School Philadelphia Fury- Franklin Field 1904 FC- SDCCU Sradium Los Angeles- Rio
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