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  1. Yeah they’re getting the Game Pass model all wrong IMO. If they aren’t going to release it to GP until 6 months after release then at least have it on there for a full year so there’s always a presence of FM on the service. 2019 was only on GP for 6 months and now players have to either buy it (at full price for last season’s game) or wait until the end of this season to play 2020. It seems strange to introduce the game to a new platform and audience this way.
  2. Hi Neil or another mod, can you confirm how long the game is in GamePass for? There are rumours it leaves the service next month?
  3. So the full 1000G is now available? I'm excited to start this now. How did you handle the social media achievements? Did you manage to get them working as originally intended or have you changed the requirements for them? Thanks for the hard work.
  4. If this is true and the descriptions of Game Pass achievements can't be changed like normal xbox achievements can (which I have to admit I doubt would be true!) could you not change the game's unlock requirements to make them unlock upon say starting your first game and winning your first match? The names and descriptions of the achievements wouldn't make sense to the unlock requirements but at least you wouldn't have a game that cannot be completed. On the Xbox Live platform there are definitely a subset of players (small it may be) that won't play a game that cannot be completed, this would cater to those potential players.
  5. Any news on when an update for the game pass version will be released? So far the impression is this was rushed out for the game pass PC release and then forgotten about!
  6. Agreed, I hope they don't treat this version as an experiment and do indeed support it with the fixes it needs. Achievements tend to mean more to players on Xbox than they do on other platforms so it's a real shame that so many are unattainable.
  7. The last FM I played was 2010 but now the game has Xbox achievements I am 100% buying the game from the Windows store just as soon as all the achievements and full 1000G are attainable. If they never get fixed I'm afraid it's a pass from me and I'll be sticking with Champ Man 0102 with community data updates!
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