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  1. Injuries are great now! A bit more of them but less serious injuries. Love these 1 week injuries
  2. Few reoccuring issues with the match engine: -a lot of post/crossbar shots. -every fluke goal is disallowed. A lot of crosses going straight in but some foul is always made and the goal disallowed. -very few goals from direct freekicks Otherwise looks good. Long shots could result in a goal more often.
  3. Yep noticed this too. -own goals -injuries These point out at the moment. Otherwise great patch! EIDT: AND ALMOST FORGOT THE MOST ANNOYING PART -Opponent frequently scoring right after kickoff after you score. Also can happen to me that I score after going behind.
  4. Hey I hope this is just bad luck but I've played for about a month with the new patch. Got 6 first team injuries (5 weeks at minimum) this month. Most of them in mathes (first/reserve team). I think there were too few injuries before but this seems excessive. I had Balanced training on high intensity and changed it to average if that makes a difference.
  5. I don't know if anyone else is having a potential "backroom advice" problem. In the beta version coaches etc gave training advices almost weekly. Now in the release version I resumed my save game and I've played for around a month and not a single training advice has come. Basically only the next/previous opponent media advice are showing. Playing as Telford in the BBP and in my second season.
  6. Just got "Strong Wind" in a friendly at it looked very silly! Every time the ball seemed to be a little bit off the gronud wind got to it. Might be realistic but I think the effect was too much.
  7. Vladimir

    FM2012 difficulty.

    Yep the header after a goalkick "bug" needs attention. Actually it existed in FM11 also. About the difficulty. Just promoted AFC Telford from BSP to Premier league in 2016. Didn't really have to try that hard either. I used basically just one 442 tactic. I only had to make a new tuned tactic in the Championship for home matches. Same tactic didn't work at all in home matches, but away I was winning most of them while a clear underdog on odds. Tactic I used worked in FM11 also and I imported it. Couple of little changes to roles and mentalities but a very basic 442. Couldn't sign quality players cause budget was so tight all the time. Average age of the squad is about 22-23 years old I think. I actually didn't want to get promoted this last season to Premier quite yet but managed it through the playoffs. All in all feels like the easiest FM ever. Wins don't have the same "wow I f***ing did it!"-feel to them. Hoping the next patch breaks my tactics
  8. Vladimir

    football manager 2011 too easy??

    In my Telford game ther's a weird thing. I win most games away. Find it harder home. Maybe it's the reputation thing. Teams are using very attacking mentality against me and it's easier to counter attack this. I start with the same Standard mentality 442 tactic home&away. But I've had this "better away"-attribute pretty much with every FM
  9. Vladimir

    football manager 2011 too easy??

    Yep seems way too easy. Just promoted Telford to the premiership in my 6th season (1st in championship) via playoffs :/ Using a standard 442 made by the Tactical Creator. Didn't really want to get promoted. Gonna be a struggle
  10. wwfan you're a god! I'm playing Telford in the Premiership and 8.02 broke my old tactics. So I decided to follow your instructions and made a few tweaks in my 442 tactics. Atm I'm having great success with the balanced version of the tactics! KUTGW!