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  1. VAR. It's always offside when they check. Also the text commentary spoils the result before the UI box reveals the result. Why even implement it as lazy as this.
  2. I'll reply to myself. 21.3.0 updated and everything back to normal. So it was some bug that was fixed
  3. I have over 2000 players discarded. "Remove Selected players form Discard List" is allowed when all are selected but right clicking and Report->Remove from Discarded list will inform you that 50 is the maximum apparently. So I will try to clear it in chunks... And have not modified DB directly. Running the fake names fix from FMscout.
  4. My games DB might've got corrupted all of a sudden. I'm at 2032 and first noticed that scouting meeting news items and Scouting view started opening more slowly. It'll take about 30 seconds to load the UI. Everything else loads normally. Then noticed that if I use Recruitment package World/Europe, game will just freeze the game about everyday for about 10 mins to processing. Running just fine with No recruitment package selected. Started to test around the Scouting views and eventually noticed that I can't clear my Discarded list. If I select all players and remove them from the list
  5. VAR is ok, but the check for the "was it inside the box" is always outside the box lol
  6. The "Continue Game Timeout" setting seems to be broken somehow. Like clicking on Inbox does not stop the clock. You have to click on a mail to stop it. EDIT: saw a bug report so this is being addressed
  7. Well my inside forward who had scored once in 15 games got a hattrick of 30 yard screamers. Worried...
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