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  1. So my first matches of the pre-season were horrible. two 1-1 draws against weaker opposition where we didn't really with a game plan because I am bad at making tactics. then we had to face CSKA Moscow in a friendly game. Not the hardest challenge but still a tough encounter for us. Their tactical setup intrigued me, on principle they were parking the bus with three central defenders a defensive midfielder and a ball winning midfielder to really fortify the centre. However their mentality was attacking so I couldn't be sure they would just sit on their own half. My initial tactic looked like this: I was meant to use what I thought would be their deep defensive positions against them by giving Havertz the space and time on the ball to lay out a pass to Almirón, Bruma, Sambitzer or Cunha. The possession heavy instructions were meant to be countered by our mentality. Because of our tactic or by complete accident Sabitzer scored two goals in the first 14 minutes so I decide to tone things down considerably: I didn't choose any on the ball instructions because I did not know how I wanted my team to play when on the ball. After the 60 minutes mark we were winning 3-0 so I decided to make a double substitution to seal the game: Even with this clearly defensive set up we managed to score a fourth goal. SO my question here is, was this a legitimate good reading of the game from my part where my tactics make at least a modicum of sense or was this just a gigantic fluke, I am really not used to winning like this with a tactic of my own.
  2. quick question, didn't the SV + RMP combo leave you too exposed in the middle? especially since they had an AMC. Or did you manage to lay siege to their box and set camp in their half? was it a matter of using defensive midfielders with good Anticipation/positioning in more creative roles?
  3. Awesome idea for a thread, you have inspired me to give it a shot even though I am more focused on developing youngsters than the tactical side of things. This might be fun, I will give it a shot with Leipzig in the Bundesliga.
  4. Hello, I started a save with Manchester United and because we lack a good right attacking midfielder I decided to use a 4312, our preseason has been very bad we have drawn most our games and most our goals are either corners or counters against weaker teams. Could someone take a look at my tactic and see what is wrong? Shaw is has stay wider + run wide with the ball instructions, the idea is to create space in the left flank so that Pogba can arrive into a dangerous position and either score or give an assist. We are only two weeks away from our first game in the Premier league so I need to find a solution before our last friendly game and start our campaign with a working tactic.
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