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  1. hey all, i try older version of AMD from early January or February my friend gave me and the game back to normal, so you need to install much older version from early 2019 cheers
  2. hi @Hugo Mendes Albino here is my updated Dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  3. already tried to download Intel Graphic Driver with several different version, but it says my processor did not support the graphic driver, any idea?
  4. hi jimmy, already try to downgrade my AMD graphic driver version, and still it didn't work. also this is my dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  5. hi jimmy i'll be out of town until Sunday and i'll attach the Dxdiag after i'm back yes after update the game update the game become like that and i thought it because my out of date graphic driver. after i update my graphic driver and nothing happen no i haven't used any custom from workshop, and fyi the game in my friend computer with same VGA and graphic driver but using windows 7 works okay
  6. no, i'm not using any add on anti-virus, only using windows defender
  7. already delete caches and preference folder also verify the games, it didn't work
  8. After new update the interface become red and 3D game match did not working at all, i'm using windows 10 and my graphic driver already up to date in to the last update
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