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  1. My unbeaten season did not unlock using a pre-update save. Do I need a new save? Thanks. Edited: unlocked a few minutes later. I think it was Xbox Live Syncing problems rather than the game. All three unlocked, thanks for changing the requirements and not giving up on us. Game complete. Lovely.
  2. This happens to me a lot. My fix is to click on Downloads and it refreshes the editor into the game. Hope that helps.
  3. That subset grows to a larget group who end up boycotting the developer. So many comments on TrueAchievements about people not playing FM19 until SI fix the game. I won't play FM20 if it was on PC Game Pass and I play FM a lot. In terms of the Xbox ecosytem, I am number one on the leaderboard. (Gamertag is LuckyKant). https://www.trueachievements.com/series/Football-Manager/leaderboard
  4. Can you name some of these leagues that it worked in? India did not work.
  5. What league did you use to test it? I had it in the Bundesliga and it didn't work. For the YouTube and Twitter achievements, you can change the requirements and description with Microsoft. That should be an option if you cannot add YT and Twitter. Didn't work with EPL either. Both of these saves were from a the previous update. Could that be an issue? Does going on holiday void the achievement? I have just started a new game in india. Will update my findings.
  6. Bit of a bummer that they did not come here and post that a patch was coming.
  7. The patch has not fixed all of the unobtainables. The unbeaten season does not unlock. There is no YouTube or Twitter functionality either. Goal of the Month is buggy and didn't unlock for me on first attempt. Yet to unlock. Disappointed that it has been two months and a third of the unobtainable achievements are still broken.
  8. I am hoping that a lot more are fixed. I have saves ready to go for the all of the unobtainable achievements.
  9. Consoles are unpopular platforms for this game, it doesn't play well. The Xbox version is only playable via Windows 10 PC, not a console.
  10. That sounds later rather than sooner. I am disappointed with how long it has taken to fix this. The game has been released for over a month now. Surely you guys tested the game before release? I don't know how you managed to overlook the missing features. It is very worrying. I wonder how much pressure Microsoft put on you to get it released for the E3 reveal.
  11. I won't play any further releases if this was broken. I trust in them though. Hopefully it is fixed sooner rather than later.
  12. What trophy did you win? It has to be with a national side. I won the Asian Games with Malaysia. ASEAN didn't count, has the be the whole continent. - African Cup of Nations (maybe) - African Championship of Nation - Asian Nations Cup (maybe) - Asian Games - European Championship - European League Div A (maybe) - North American Gold Cup - Oceania Nations Cup (maybe) - Copa America
  13. This is correct. I have 65 out of 75 achievements. 9 unobtainables plus the 20 manager of the year awards (working on it), and am leading the overall scoreboard. Only used new game saves on game pass, no steam saves. Feeder team does work. I misunderstood the requirements. To unlock this, when you request an affiliate team, the board must agree and ask you to pick a team of your choice because they have faith in you. If they don't ask you to pick a club but just give you a list of three to four options, this will not work.
  14. I have updated my list above re: We Trust You. It looks like I was wrong and I apologise.
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