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  1. Does this update fix the online achievements?
  2. They fixed it last year and have responded to say it is being looked at. Give them some time.
  3. The mods won't be able to give a time because that will put pressure on the developers.
  4. Do the Double unlocked for me when I was not going on holiday for any games but I know of people who got the achievement when on holiday. This is inconsistent with the other achievements.
  5. Online, the leaderboard only tracks online games. The leaderboard says FM online games played. I don't have the injured players save, it was 20 seasons ago.
  6. The 25 cup wins and the 100 draft matches are impossible to find because the only info is the online leaderboard. I can give you some earlier files but I cannot be 100% sure of what the stat was at the time. The leaderboard says 60 cup wins. Uploaded a save called LuckyKant 25 Cups.fm 100 wins - this save should be at 99 or 98. Stopped at 100. File: LuckyKant 100 draft wins.fm League titles. File: LuckyKant Do the Double .fm Will you also be looking at the issues mentioned for the other achievements?
  7. We pay via Game Pass subscriptions. People will also pay for the title to keep it after, but if they keep releasing games like this, it looks bad and puts potential customers off. Many people only want to play FM on the Xbox ecosystem with achievements. Maybe the staff should see the comments at: https://www.trueachievements.com/n41441/football-manager-2020-win-10-achievement-list-revealed It is such a shame when one of your most beloved franchises keeps letting you down. Please, please don't release the game if it is broken. I have completed all the achievements on ever FM (except 2020) and am by far the world leader in the Series. (https://www.trueachievements.com/series/Football-Manager/leaderboard). Unobtainable achievements is the biggest way to stop people playing from TrueAchievements.
  8. I have seen this bug with a lot of people. Xbox sign in isn't working but seems to work on a new save.
  9. Hi. After last year's problems, I thought it would be best to create a thread for the Game Pass version. I have found some bugs already. Really disappointed with these achievements being broken again, especially after the poor launch at E3 last year. I understand the time pressure on E3 but this, it feels, did not have the same pressure. Maybe it had to be in game pass for 6 months before being removed in time for FM21? - Win a competitive match with over 10 players out injured This did not unlock in a cup match but did in the league. - Domination - win three leagues in a row I have 9 league titles and it has not unlocked. (File uploaded: J**** B****** - Refs United single player.fm) - Rushed Signing - Sign a player recommended by your scouting team from a short term focus assignment I completed a short term focus assignment, signed the player and has not unlocked. - 25 Online Cup Wins Leaderboard says 25 but nothing unlocked. In the bottom left corner, it says 0 titles, 0 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses. - 100 online draft games played Leaderboards says 100, no achievement. Seriously guys, did you not test any of this? Hard to be a customer when you keep releasing broken content.
  10. My unbeaten season did not unlock using a pre-update save. Do I need a new save? Thanks. Edited: unlocked a few minutes later. I think it was Xbox Live Syncing problems rather than the game. All three unlocked, thanks for changing the requirements and not giving up on us. Game complete. Lovely.
  11. This happens to me a lot. My fix is to click on Downloads and it refreshes the editor into the game. Hope that helps.
  12. That subset grows to a larget group who end up boycotting the developer. So many comments on TrueAchievements about people not playing FM19 until SI fix the game. I won't play FM20 if it was on PC Game Pass and I play FM a lot. In terms of the Xbox ecosytem, I am number one on the leaderboard. (Gamertag is LuckyKant). https://www.trueachievements.com/series/Football-Manager/leaderboard
  13. Can you name some of these leagues that it worked in? India did not work.
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