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  1. I can confirm this worked for me. Unlocked as soon as I signed into the game on Windows 10. Now I have completed all 6 games with achievements and currently only person to do that. https://www.trueachievements.com/series/Football-Manager/leaderboard Couple of mates reckon I should get an easter egg or something in this game, due to my obsession. Can I get a shoutout in the next game lol? Name the Hall of Fame achievement after me haha? That would be amazing,1st to complete 2019 and 2020, 2nd for 2021. Would have been first again if this achievement worked originally, was f
  2. Pretty easy way to ensure no issues is to close the game on Xbox (full shutdown, not quick resume). Cloud saves will then get synced with seconds.
  3. Can we expect the update soon? The global unlock is at 0.01% so I presume you have fixed it but the update will fix it for us. Any info you can share?
  4. This version is based on Touch, so you cannot do it. All previous console versions were based on PC.
  5. Ahh, that helps but I know I have that so it is broken though. Hope to see it fixed soon.
  6. This is a thing because of Play Anywhere. The files are not available to add to the consoles, so there will be issues if they allow it on on platform and not the other, possibly corrupting save files.
  7. Given the holidays, I expect staff will be back in the office from Monday, so hopefully a fix this month. I am also only need this achievement, and was at 995G before anyone else, would have had it complete first as well. Fingers crossed soon so I can go back to 100% series complete.
  8. Do you have a Windows 10 PC? You could do an online game with her that way with one copy of the game. Have the account that purchased the game set the console as home console, then have her play on a different account on the console. You then use your laptop/PC to play with your main.
  9. This is by default. This edition only allows one manager. If you retire the manager, the option becames available.
  10. External files such as tactics, skins, icons and face packs won't work on the Xbox Edition, and this is intentional. This is probably because of the Play Anywhere feature and the additional files cannot be added to consoles, which could cause problems with the saves.
  11. In terms of Xbox-Live enabled versions, FM 2019 and FM 2020 had achievements that did not work on launch, and took several updates, several months after the launch. COVID was not an excuse then, and FM 19 was a free pass, the first FM Xbox-Live game. SI now have, in the achievement community (TrueAchievements.com), a reputation for unobtainable achievements on launch. The game runs well, but having broken achievements is frustrating, especially when I have obtained all the achievements in every FM Xbox-enabled version, and currently only 3 of us have done so. I am also the leader for the serie
  12. Unfortantely no. I asked Miles the same question on Twitter.
  13. Finanical Fair Play is not coded into FM Xbox or FM Touch. It is tough to compete with the big boys. I would put huge release clauses in all my wonderkids contracts, they often pay it when you keep rejecting the offer.
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