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  1. Most of the loanees played 20+ games during the season, When finishing the loan, I am getting "failed to make a single appearance".
  2. Sorry for my bad English (4th language). What I meant was sending all players who are not inside the box to defending duty inside the box. DR: Mark Far Post DC: Mark Tall Player DC: Mark Tall Player DL: Mark Near Post DM: Mark Small Player MC: Mark six yard box MC: Man Mark AMR: Mark Far Post AML: Go Back ST: Go Back
  3. Not able to take screenshot. Let me explain in detail the corner setting below: DR: Mark Far Post DC: Mark Tall Player DC: Mark Tall Player DL: Mark Near Post DM: Mark Small Player MC: Mark six yard box MC: Man Mark AMR: Mark Far Post AML: Go Back ST: Go Back Since the ME seems to be broken, my hypothesis is that by doing this you ensure that none of the opposition players in or around the penalty area is unmarked. You can see an extra player for "Mark Far Post" because of obvious reasons.
  4. almightyrohit

    Conceding at Corners

    Try getting all outfield players inside the box, man marking/marking tall players/strikers on "Go Back". It also helps if the average height of your team > 6 ft. Have yet to concede a goal on corners in the last 18 matches after I applied the above instruction.
  5. Putting all 10 outfield players on Defend Corner duty. Just make sure they are in or around the box. Normally, you will have 2 outfield players attacking during Defending Corners. Change their instruction to Go Back. You will never concede a goal on corners, trust me. No need for any special training like "Def Set Pieces" or anything. Enjoy!!
  6. Great tactics. Works like a charm. I made 3 changes in the tactics which I have listed below which makes this wonderful tactics even better: 1) Added: "Cross Aim Far Post" to both the wingers.This leads to the other winger making a run in to the box as soon as the drilled cross comes in - and eventually scoring / heading on to the post / losing the header. 2) Changed defensive corner set up: All balance players "Sent Back" as we all know marking during corners is broken right now. Have yet to concede a goal on corner in the last 20 matches. 3) Changed Attacking Corners to "Aim Far Post". Somehow this works better as the tall CB at far corner heads in to the six yard box and one of the strikers/Wingers shoot the ball in to the roof of the net.
  7. Thanks Sherica, awesome tactics mate! Tested with my Leeds team in second season and the results have been wonderful. Finished 4th with only 3 points behind the champions (lost on the final day away to Arsenal ). I have one report to make: no matter who I play at DR/DL position, they always seem to underperform as compared to the rest of the team. Even when the whole team gets rated>7 they are regularly below 6.5. And the full backs I have used are Digne, Vrasljko, Urby Emanuelson, Andoni Iraola. Am I missing something here? Do I need to tweak some of the individual settings (make them more defensive, maybe?).
  8. sold him after half a season for 8.5 million pounds a, and guess what, i bought him for free
  9. I signed him up for Leeds in my second season (promoted of course). He has been very good for me at AMR position. Recently I changed my tactics as AI was adapting to it and he has slotted in seamlessly at RB position though stats suggest (marking, tackling and positioning) he's not that good but I guess his physicals make up for it. Good buy IMO.
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    Link for Rapidshare.

    congrats,u are going to be banned soon