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  1. I have done that now and it seems to have done the trick, thank you very much
  2. Ive done that and can play it, but its only small then.. I cant play it in full screen at all ?
  3. yes both are updated. Yeah it will work in small windowed mode only, I ran it in full screen and it didnt even get by the first loading screen.
  4. would like to get this problem solved if there is anything else I can do ???
  5. I've done that everything is up to date but still same problem
  6. No that didnt work either... still have same problem unfortunately
  7. Hi, Just bought fm 2019 and when I go to launch it just freezes on the loading page... It will work in a small window but as soon as I put it back full screen it freezes again... Not sure what to do ??!
  8. The Nvidia one is set as default and not sure what version of the game it is
  9. I've done everything it says there and still the same problem
  10. When I'm launching fm 18 its freezing when I get to the main page. It'll only work in small window but as soon as I go full screen it freezes again. Any ideas how to solve this ??
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