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  1. played 1 season in epl never see any pitch changes ie frost etc is this in this years game
  2. Remember

    any one know
  3. Remember

    nova made some great sound packs for 08 will they work on 09 cheers
  4. hi guys NOVA made some great sounds for 08 can you use them on 09
  5. I cant use my editor!

    have done both still dont work
  6. Keycode

    dont phone sega there crap
  7. i bought game day of release still cant plat it
  8. Install fm09 press next and you can pick the number for your country
  9. Thank you SI

    Not all of them 8 days trying still cant lay
  10. Well Done SI!

    Might be if i could play it
  11. ive been talking to everybody even had a phone call from sega and still cant play game bought it friday
  12. 1 more patch!!!

    cant even play the game yet
  13. on the first cm players names was not real
  14. [Release] Skin - Flex09

    Great again cheers mate
  15. What about 26 pounds spent allready on mobile trying to authenticate