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  1. Well no, the menus and loading the database are quicker now, but I still crash before I get to the inbox. Again, clicking on "load save" crashes the game. Can't click anything in the inbox....I just see a brief flash of it and then it's CTD. I have tried using a custom database, but as I said I wiped every folder (appdata, documents,...) and tried doing a clean install to no avail. I added a quick video to show where it crashes every time. Football Manager 2019 2019-06-12 23-56-15.mp4
  2. I have tried that before. After reinstalling, the game crashes, before a folder in appdata is created. I have also tried all of the standard steps mentioned in the link you posted, to no avail. I got my hopes up after todays's(?) windows update seemed to have sped up the game....but it still crashes once I reach the inbox.
  3. Hello Jimmy, the game also crashes after clicking on "load game". No messages, just a quick CTD. I reset everything but the problem persists.
  4. Hello, I hope someone can help me here as the previous steps I've taken have not worked. As the title says, my game crashes after I choose the manager's skill points and confirm to advance to the inbox. I downloaded it yesterday with Game Pass and it worked flawlessly. However, today this keeps happening. I downloaded a logo pack, which I have since uninstalled, deleted cache and preferences, uninstalled the game and downloaded again and nothing seems to work. Any tipps? I'll upload my DxDiag, however I don't have a crash dump in my folder!? PS: I have a pretty powerful PC, so hardware shouldn't be an issue. All drivers are up to date. DxDiag.txt
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