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  1. What's the best tactic to use in the Premier League in 20.2.3.. Currently the lowest reputation team in the league and we are underdog every game, but i have a lot of good young players that should be performing better than they are. Currently creating plenty of chances and scoring well, but just can't keep a clean sheet at the back
  2. Hey there, just looking for a bit of advice. Currently using a desktop but looking to replace with a laptop. My knowledge of processers, graphics cards etc bit out dated, so not really sure what i should be going for. Laptop will be for watching movies, bit of video/picture editing, surfing the net and of course some FM. Occasional play games like wow, but FPS type games and such i play on xbox, so wont need laptop for them. Budget is up to £800 or so, although obviously don't need to spend that much just for the sake of it. Can get 15% off Dell laptop's, so been having a look on there, but happy to go with another brand if they are move suitable. Ideally want a laptop that will last for a good few years, and be able to comfortably be able to play FM before having to replace. Any advice appreciated
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