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  1. Hello, Really enjoyed this years save. was only planning 5/6 seasons but I got carried away...... Molineaux has had 2 standium expansions ...50,000 once finished. (played @ Villa Park whilst expansion happened..... i asked board for a New stadium in 2029 got refused but asked again few years later and surprisingly was Granted planning permission for New Stadium.... first one Ive got built since playing since 1997.!!! ....even more surprised when stadium got named after me !!.... I wonder if we can expand further !!! no option yet but ive only just moved in ...... Lots have happened in 20 years...Chelsea are currently 18th in the Leauge !!! will they go down !! wayne rooney manager of cardiff who are 4th... .. Daniel sturridge managed England but he got the Sack... and Malaga Won La Liga..Tycoon taker over......
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