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  1. No Stadium backgrounds on matchdays in between highlights, unfortunatly just the background of the animated stadium. Be brilliant if the stadium background image would appear in between the highlights to give the proper matchday feel.
  2. Im needing help to know which file needs changed to make this screen on split view on matchday almost fully transparent, can anyone help please, iv tried everything to no avail.
  3. Download one of the skins available and put the backgrounds folder into your graphics folder.
  4. Here is the screenshot, iv tried the download but while its better and thanks for that, i would want it more transparent, iv tried photo.net but cant seem to do it, can someone make these boxes as transparent as can be please or link a download for us to download and put into our skins. There alot of people who use the stadium backgrounds on split screen mode and to see them clearly on matchday makes a massive difference. Thanks in advance in anyone can help. Can someone please make this more transparent.
  5. Great work deyno1903, much better sorry to be a pain if at all possible could you make it a bit more transparent, iv tried doing it on paint.net but i dont have a clue.
  6. Im afraid iv tried it without any luck, can anybody be kind enough who knows what they are doing post a download of the file please.
  7. Bump, please can someone make these panels transparent.
  8. For people who haven't got a clue how to work paint etc can someone post files that make these boxes on the matchday transparent please.
  9. Marconni, great skin. On match day on your previous millionaires skin the match day widgets in split view were transparent so you could see the background stadium picture clearly, all skins just now have a dark overlay which makes the background picture dark. Can you put a link up to a file or tell me how to make them transparent please ?
  10. What file needs changed to make these files transparent, or can anyone make them transparent and make them available
  11. Michael, Can you make the match boxes transparent so that we can see the stadium backgrounds clearly
  12. Great work, how do you make these tabs more transparent, i play in split screen mode and would like to see the stadium background clear in the background without having a dark overlay on it. Th OPZ skin is great and transparency is spot on until it gets to match day and the boxes are too dark, can you tell me how to make them more transparent please.
  13. I had it working on FM13 think i copied it from the carbon skin and its worked, cant remember the boxes to change.
  14. Hi, great skin, only one issue for me, is there a way t make the match panels or boxes much more transparent so people with stadium backgrounds can see the stadium clearly on match day. Your transparency on the rest of your boxes on the squad screen, player screen is perfect, can you make the match day boxes panles the same transparency or tell me a way to do it myself. Thanks
  15. Great skin, the best yet. 1 slight issue for me though is on match day i like to see the stadium background through a transparent box, the match day boxes are too dark and you cant see the background as clear what files do i have to change for the transparency. The transparent boxes on the squad and player screen is perfect for me but i want the match day boxes to be the same.
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