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  1. I wouldn't have updated ifI had known it was going to be an issue...how do I move back to an older version of my operation system? I have a Mac but i'm really not very good with it, not as simple as windows.
  2. What about on FM18?....experiencing similar issues on FM18...should FM18 users not expect any further updates? As a trend, i don't know about others, but i tend to buy every other FM title or sometimes a little longer depending on how I'm enjoying it and I was still enjoying FM18 until recently when the lagging started and i don't want to feel forced to buy another new game because FM18 is now longer stable on Mac...do you know if this is being looked in to?
  3. I've tried clearing the download cache, verified the integrity of the game files, restarted the MacBook (as suggested on the FM19 threads) and still lagging in the menu's and match engine - i run MacOS 10.14.4 Mojave. I can see people on FM19 have been having the same issues, is this likely related to my operating system or are there any other work arounds??
  4. Had FM18 since release, in the last month or so its been so laggy in menus and in the matches. Seems like my MacBook is working overtime trying to play the game and whirring all the time its open, which is new considering I've racked up a considerable amount of hours in the last year without an issue. I thought it might be a graphics card driver issue but found out that when Mac's are updated, they automatically update the graphics card drivers too so that shouldn't be an issue. Is there a fix for this? If this is as a result of the game no longer being compatible with the my Macbook, which it was before then who do I complain to? Because I've never had this issue with any iteration of any previous FM/CM game. I know there has already been a post about this but no ones replied to that one, so i thought the more people that post, the more likely they will reply.
  5. I'm also having the same issue. Played fine on my Macbook Pro for well over a year, now its barely playable....i really need a solution to this
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