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  1. I would like to know if anyone has done this, or if it is possible. I'm thinking of creating a structure (with the Argentine structure as model) that, in its fifth division, consists of +50 regional leagues (geographically delimited) that supply teams to a fourth division with no fixed or stable regular clubs (for example: 256 teams that change every year according to the teams promoted from each of the regional leagues and those relegated from the third). Now, the teams of the fifth division regional leagues, should continue playing in them even when they won promotion to the fourth, and even as they continue to ascend to the third, second or first. In Argentina, when this happens, these teams play their regional league with youth, reserves, some B or amateur team. I think with the editor you can not do this (at least in 2013, which was the last time we played a game created with the editor, it was not possible). Then I thought about creating, for each regional league, a "B League", made up of B teams from each of the teams that participate in each regional league. In this way, I would like to set the rules for, whenever a regional league team moves up to the fourth division, their team B takes their place in the regional league and remains playing in it until Team A returns (when is relegated from upper league) to its league of origin and, then, automatically descend to the regional B league (to leave its original place to the A Team). In addition, I should set rules so that no B Team can move up to the fourth division. Is all of this possible? I think that in Spain it happens that a B team can never be in the same category as team A: when team A descends, team B descends forcibly as well, plus it is forbidden for them to ascend if in the next top category their A team is playing too. Well, thanks for your attention, ideas and opinions in advance.
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