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  1. Thanks Wolf! Yes, Copa Argentina is a competition from the default database and I've tweaked it a lot. I'll check the conflict you are suggesting to see if I can fix something. Do you think it would be better to do a new national cup from scratch, leaving the Copa Argentina from default db inactivated aside?
  2. Maybe, but I don't think the issue is on the size, and many of the competitions in the structure have identical system, so that's why I asked for a skilled editor who knows exactly where to look the issues because of being used to see the kind of errors my file shows. Thanks anyway!
  3. I attach the excel file I promised (and a new editor file to the original post) because when I was reviewing it found two minor mistakes that I fixed for this version. If you check the excel file, you'll see that very structure rely on formulas and are linked to each other, for opposition control with information in different sheets within the document (for example, amounts of teams promoting/relegated/participating from a tournament). Please take a look at it and let me know if you need some additional explanation. It's a big structure and database, but I think all the hard work is done (every team in the structure has configured its own promotion path division by division, has their own B team and youth team created, etc.) KIND REGARDS! Estructura argentina FM2019 - versión 3.xlsx
  4. I have a very clear excel file with structures and leagues formats, team numbers, promotion and relegation systems. But it's in spanish. I'll try to simplify it a little bit and I'll upload it. Thank you very much for your reply Wolf!
  5. The key in this structure is that every team has a B team that is involved in the same structure as the main one, but limited to the last two divisions (banned to gain promotion and limited to play these regional divisions). And if the main team gets relegated to the same division where the B team currently is, this one should be forced to relegation. This unique structure I designed is denying me the chance to copy some other existing structure. Well let me know if this sounds interesting. Another thing that my file needs to deal with is continental competition qualy, as I didn't get to the point to see how it's working so, once the error described in my post gets solved, and then the general structure gets to work fluently in the simulation, we'll probably have to check that. Just let me know!
  6. Well, if you look at my message history, you can't say I didn't try... I kept dealing with some errors, as they appeared, but I have stalled now. More than anything, I don't want all the time I've invested editing to come to nothing. That is why I propose that you look at my FM19 file, analyze a large excel spreadsheet that I put together with all the necessary structure and information to create the structure that I devised, and then try to correct the errors that appear. It's a big structure with 7 divisions and a lot of regional competitions, but I don't think that is the problem (at least at this point). If you could do it I will pay for your work with 15 usd but, since I live in a country where PayPal cannot be used, nor Skrill and credit card payments to fund accounts are blocked, your reward will be paid in the cryptocurrency and network that you choose. Currently the errors I am dealing with are "[RANDOM TEAM] has no sqad selected for [NATIONAL CUP] match on 4/4/2016" but there are also some incomprehensible ones saying things like the number of dates does not match. Of course, if you are interested in doing so, I would be available to explain any questions about my file or the structure. Well thank you very much and I hope I don't disturb anyone, just let me know. Actualizaciones de liga y datos 17.fmf
  7. Something very similar is happening to me, and it's driving me crazy to, because my numbers are right
  8. Well, I figured it out. I leave the solution just in case it works for someone with the same problem. It turns out that the editor was telling me that division "XXX B" did not have an "XXX A" for its promoted teams because that division XXX A, that I had defined as depositary, is actually a child division within a parent division, called " Fifth Division ". So what you have to choose in the division field for promoted teams in such cases, is the Parent Division.
  9. Thanks, man! I did it, and apparently all is OK: both are correlative. Would you check my file, please? That would be mega kind! Actualizaciones de liga y datos 12.fmf
  10. Hello friends. Here I keep dealing with the problems that arise in the testing of my project to build an Argentine structure from scratch that includes even the regional leagues. Now the problem I have is the error message I get when testing the file, which is the title of this post. Attached is a screenshot of the supposed division that does not have a superior for its promoted teams, where the corresponding division appears correctly chosen (Liga Cultural Pampeana B promotes to Liga Cultural Pampeana). Is there any other place in the settings where I have to look to see if I have any errors? Thanks a lot
  11. Thank you very much for your offer. I was on a vacation and then forgot to reply here, but my problem is solved. I did what I told you in my last message: changed divisions which were so big in teams to versions with 22 teams as a maximum, and that solved the issue.
  12. Yes, of course. Every league has this screen completed, even those with two or more stages, or playoffs. But thanks for your suggestion!
  13. Thanks. I have several competitions in my system that have, for example, 24 or 26 teams ... Do you think that if I modify them to have 20, the error could disappear?
  14. Thanks. Do you have your file for me to take a look at it, to see how you did it and where? By dynamic number of teams do you mean when you complete the minimum and maximum amount of teams with different numbers from the actual league configuration?
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