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  1. No one encountered this problem. Those who faced this problem said that the problem was solved in the future. Video is not normal. Show this video to people in the forum. People will say the video is not normal. You can't solve the problem. I will never buy football manager again.
  2. I uploaded the video. Uploaded files: 158F5B41-A54F-41DD-B81E-1301029F4B6D.MOV As you can see in the video; the game, slowly on the calendar. I uploaded the Belarc file. Belarc Advisor - Computer Profile.html
  3. I didn't record the video because there was no problem. I will format my computer. If the problem is solved I will make a return to you.
  4. I don't need to send you the settings. Because the current settings are the same as the settings before formatting the computer.
  5. I bought the original game to solve the problem but But I don't think there's anyone to solve this problem.
  6. There was the same problem in the cracked football manager 19. Then I bought the game. The problem was solved. I had the same problem after formatting my computer.
  7. I was using windows 10 before formatting my computer. I have formatted my computer with the same image file.
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