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  1. Ended up getting Northampton to the Championship. Malik Wilks on loan from Leeds was terrific that season, along with Dominic Gape and Callum Reilly. Half a season in the Championship and I was offered the Derby County job. Massive potential there so took the job. First signing, Malik Wilks. Fingers crossed he can have the same impact in the Championship.
  2. Having began a save with Swansea City (where I was promptly sacked after 6 months!), I began to question myself and my methods. That was until Northampton came along. Sitting 16th in League 2 by this team, the remit was simple - Do not go down! Quickly settling on a 4-1-4-1, safety in my first half season in charge was straightforward enough, with loanee's Marvin Sordell and Joe Powell producing on a consistent basis. The summer of 2020 provided a fantastic opportunity to clear the decks, and having entrusted acquisitions to my fantastic director of football Graham Carr, the second season in charge has been a resounding success. I have ended up in as enjoyable a save as I can remember, and wonder if anyone else has any stories of surprising success stories.
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