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  1. perfect! i´m waiting for the english version.
  2. Vidu

    Export Player Data

    Hello together, is there a way to export my player data, so that i can manage my team with excel? In the last versions i made it with FMScout but the neewer version isn´t out yet. Is there another tool that can do this?
  3. Vidu

    2D Icons + Player Name Font

    I have uploaded my Icons =) http://uploaded.to/?id=8p0kw6
  4. Vidu

    2D Icons + Player Name Font

    Thank you michael, all works perfect. Now my FM looks like FM08 but I have all the new features
  5. Hello together, in FM08 i have saved my 2D player icons in: graphics/pitch/icons/kit but in 09 only in the full view i can see this icons. In the "normal" 2D view there are only this tiny little icons. So have something changed there? And i need some help to find the settings from the player name font in the game. Actually its too tiny to read^^ Greetings =)
  6. Hey rinso, thank you very much for the screenshots. I was thinking about an "error" because of my skin, so i changed it and now "ok" is avaiable. Thank you very much.
  7. no ok^^ ? damn... where it should be?
  8. Yeah i import it, then i can select: Import/ Export (back to the edit Menu), copy, erase, change name und cancel. The only way to leave this menu is to click cancel but then nothing is saved :/
  9. Hello, i want to import an search Filter but how does it work? In them Filter edit Screen there is only: Import/ Export (back to the edit Menu), copy, erase, change name und cancel. Nothing works to import a filter. What should i do? greetings
  10. One Question to the new/ updatet Engine: I dont play FML so have they made dramatically changes on it? Like making Diamonds (most playing system worldwide) playable, or to have fun playing with more then one striker or not to have everytime a six because a play playes DM?
  11. Yeah sure post it. I dont have problems with your tactic in generally but its football i shouldnt win so high like in hockey lol but really perfect tactic
  12. Very very good Tactic, great work! But anyone have some Hints for having more realistic results but winning a lot too (musnt be so oft like the normal version)? Because i dont like to play (last results): 6:4 4:4 7:1 8:4 greetings