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  1. Sup guys Back with something different today, I've had some tough times on FM19 recently with tactics so I thought I'd browse through the several tactics on the community to determine what direction I should head in and well surprise surprise I stumbled across @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s Pep Half Back and Arsenal Invincible's, so I thought I'd dedicate a new career save in trying to replicate or further improve on these two tactics. Currently in my first season at Arsenal and having looked at what the squad had to offer drastic change was need in order to achieve my goals (or so I believed) and these were my transfer dealings. (Crazy, I know ) The original idea behind these specific signings were that they could slot in right into the starting 11 and I could easily rotate with most of the youth Arsenal had (Nelson, Guendouzi etc), the other ideas were that based on mental, technical and physical attributes, the players signed fit both the tactics I was trying to replicate. To some degree, I've liked what I've seen so far but there have been areas of concern : Defence have done well (Dias and Holding have been an absolute dream) however with Tierney's job in trying to replicate the Great Ashley Cole, my left side of the field isn't producing that kind of combination play from LB, AML and STCL (Which is the side of the field the Invincible's attacked quite regularly with Cole, Pires and Henry) (Also seen on my analysis summary that out of 247 entries in the final third, only 44 have come from the left side) Midfield is doing okay, I've got Doucoure injured at the moment, but Rodri has been exceptional. Torreira wanted to leave for PSG/Madrid and so he sat out a few games. James Rodriguez/Ozil have done okay - Rodriguez fits the system better as he doesn't have the tries killer balls often player trait. Out Wide, Carrasco and Lozano ( Nelson and Smith Rowe as subs too) have performed to my expectations in the games so far, Naturally the wide players tend to do well regularly in my teams and funnily enough, they've been my main Goalscorers. BUT, this brings into light my area of struggle as STCL and my AMC (Referring more to the Invincible tactic here) My strikers in Lacazette, Aubameyang and Geubbels aren't scoring chances or scoring goals and more often when opening the analysis summary it'll show "0 - Overall chances", I've tried tinkering with different roles to determine whether it'll help but nothing as of yet has found any consistency. I'm aware its early days (Geubbels still very young) But with experienced, clinical strikers such as Laca and Auba, I'm expecting regular goal contributions, whether it be in the goal or assist department (Of course you want goals but hey ) I don't mind, they're just not doing enough. Has anyone got any advice they could offer me (Mainly on the Invincibles tactic as the Pep HB Tactic is more towards my second season, I'm open to making any changes, tactics screenshot below Peace
  2. @zlatanera Have you managed to get this to work on FM19? I've looked at the @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s Invincible tactic as well as this one and seems near enough impossible to reproduce the style of play or the kind of results when transferred on to this years version.
  3. This is my first ever post on the forums and boy, it can't get more complex than this. I've been playing Football Manager for years now (As far back as 2008) and early days were spent using plug & play tactics which were fun for a while but got boring as the tactics weren't made by myself, so from 2015 or so, I started looking at creating my own tactics based on articles I'd read by others (@Cleon comes to my immediate mind). While I've had success to a certain degree with my own tactics, I've always been obsessed with why some of my tactics go wrong (Whether its player roles, positioning, TI's or PI's) and how to approach them going forward. I had a save back in FM18 (My previous laptop was destroyed, so no previous data ) where I'd been managing Arsenal and after signing a few players (Namely, Guedes and Bailey) I'd been set on molding them into my secondary goalscorers/threats. The 4123DM Narrow (Please ignore the roles, Screenshots were for display purposes only) influenced by TheReckonist and @GoldenFM were how I started this process (I believe at the time this tactic broke the match engine ).I trained both Guedes and Bailey to play F9's (PI's were used to give them winger/inside forward like play style) While they weren't consistently scoring as I'd have liked, they did seem to play well in a striker front 3, I did this for 3 months and switched to the formation I originally wanted the team to play in, with Guedes as an IW-A at ML and Bailey as an IF-S in AMR in the 4141 Variation (Attached) What happened after this was chaos, Guedes and Bailey recorded 72 goals between them and contributed to 43 assists also between them once deployed in these roles, worth noting Aubameyang & Lacazette also reached 30 goals each (I believe it was as AF-A Or CF-S) Not only were they playing above my wildest expectations, but the entire team played brilliantly, I distinctly remember 7 members of the team having the positive "enjoys teams style of play". Alas why I'm here now, I want to replicate these personal feats of mine in the Wide areas but for the life of me, I can't determine what roles or set up that I had used in the other areas in order for the IW-A And IF-S to have great influence on the teams play(Dribbles/Off the ball runs,/Goals/assists) Does anyone in the community have experience in the IW-A and IF-S and the roles best suited to surround them with to get the best out of them? I take any feedback as golden cheers
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