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  1. Really appreciatethe advice thanks will defo be giving these a try and yes the 4141dm what would be a good framework for the 4141dm to try And start with? for future reference as i would eventually like to adapt the team to fit that system.
  2. Ideal thank you, will try that, yeah i guess the 532 is better suited to counter attack football or more direct style, what changes would you make to make it more direct? if you don't mind, also what sytems are suited for a more possession based style? the 4123 perhaps?
  3. Thanks for the response, will switch it to standard & tone down the mezzala, i do like my teams to have possession but i guess i want to play positive attacking football with quick short passing and plenty of movement off the ball.
  4. I've recently started a save with my fave italian team Inter on fm 20, i want to try & play a three at the back system like they do in real life because obvs their squad is built for it but i've never really tried such a system & am looking for ideas or advice really on ways i could set up. These are what i've made so far but i'm not sure on roles or duties at all & am just after advice on the type of styles i could play when using a three at the back system, any help would be amazing & appreciated!
  5. My players aren't the best passers but are very aggressive so would probably suit the more simple counter attack style & ideally a progressive possession style really.
  6. If you wouldn't mind sharing, what things should i be changing? and what roles using the same 4-1-4-1 formation would suit a more possession style of play? thanks again for the reply.
  7. Thanks for the reply, i've just noticed that i've uploaded the wrong screenshot lol , that one was from a fm19 save i had, this is the actual tactic i meant to post, sorry about the confusion!
  8. I've started a career with Schalke & long term i want to play a possession based tactic but after reading my squad reports & looking through the squad, for the time being it looks like they are more suited to counter attacking football. I've made a tactic based on the fluid counter preset but was just looking for advice on team instructions & roles really & also what changes i can make to the tactic to make it more of a possession tactic once i have players i feel capable of playing in that style. P.S Merry Christmas!
  9. Thanks for the feed back, has given me some ideas to think about, would a winger on attack possibly be too high up to find space to run into considering 4-2-3-1 is a very top heavy formation? Would swapping the winger for a treq leave me a bit exposed to counters? considering they don't offer much defensive cover.
  10. Wanted to do one final save before FM20 comes out & decided on Schalke, looking at the players at the club they seem suited to a 4-3-2-1 so that's what i've gone for. The idea is a possesion based, pressing tactic but also able to counter when the opportunity arises, but just after a bit of advice if the below setup is balanced enough to do this and not leave myself open to counters while also being creative enough to actually score goals which is something i've found hard to do so far in FM19.
  11. Amazing thanks mate, i'm liking the more progressive possession based tactic but with Roma's players i might be suited more to the counter tactic as my cbs aren't the quickest & Dzeko hasn't got the stats for a false 9 and maybe look to work towards a more progressive style maybe, but i really appreciate your help.
  12. My defenders aren't the most mobile, Fazio especially but they are strong & good in the air so figured they would be better defending crosses than say a team that can pass their way through, my thinking was that because Roma are better than most in the Serie A i wanted to try a possesion based tactic, though in the past i've struggled to score when trying to play possesion based football. Was also just going to tweak whichever formation i choose to play on the counter against stronger oppo i.e Juve, Napoli, i struggle the most with selecting the correct roles to fit the type of football i want to play a lot of the time too.
  13. Was thinking the wider i am the more space the midfield 2 would have. the narrower my defense would make me harder to break down. to condense the space and because the 4231 is a more top heavy formation i figured i didn't need it when playing the 4231 but like i said i'm a bit of a tactical noob lol.
  14. Thanks for the advice, i looked at Dzeko's stats & although he could play as a poacher his acceleration lets him down, so i've given him the dlf role with pastore attacking behind him, so it's looking like this now: What do you make of the team intructions? anything that i should add or takeaway? Aslo went ahead & created a 4141 dm.
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