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  1. take off one of the CB. why play 3 man defense against tunisia when you need a ****ing goal
  2. could really do with someone like shelvey to unlock the defence
  3. I don't think a manager like rafa would fancy managing in the lower leagues, he doesn't have difficulty getting a job anywhere in the top european league or even premier league. we'll end up with **** like managers like steve kean or curbishley or chris powell and the likes I think sunderland would draw vs everton on wed to set up an interesting weekend. just hope watford doesn't sleep sound next weekend
  4. anybody still optimistic enough that we can stay up? wednesday seems so far away. hope that both teams lose to create a nerving final day
  5. yes true and during those 2-0 4-0 4-0 matches we are coached by monkeys and donkeys (though one presumably the next england manager and the other, the best coach in EPL) hopefully we can play rafa's bland ultra defensive football jose mourinho style and nick a goal somewhere somehow. i know it takes a miracle to do that, ah well...
  6. who also thinks that we can steal 3 points from southampton tonight?
  7. janmaat is a decent wing back, not much of a defender but a good marauding wing back nevertheless. yes our crappy defence can't cope with that and would very much prefer the likes of dummett for staying back and defend and offer nothing forward. but to say that this dutch international is a bad player is wrong IMO the problem isn't with janmaat (or debuchy or enrique etc), it's with carr or whoever thinks that an aging colo with untested lascelles/injury prone saylor/"young" mbemba is good enough. mbemba looks good but definitely needs time adapting
  8. if janmaat is out injured, we'll have big troubles at the back that's for sure. who's going to overlap and supply the crosses for mitro? mbemba isn't a full back, dummett and anita aren't going to provide much either, haidara isn't fit. wonder if we should play with a back three instead considering all these situations
  9. anybody knows when haidara or dummett is back? we desperately need a natural left back tiote should play CM along with shelvey, at least he'll probably break some attacks. is he fit for selection?
  10. a draw feels like a win for us and a loss is, well, nothing unexpected. a win would be nice
  11. barring some players that probably play due to not being that injured, line up vs leicester could be: anita, saylor, lascelles, janmaat, 2 midfielders probably shelvey and colback, 3 attacking being gini, sissoko, ayoze, and lone striker perhaps mitrovic or doumbia. definitely lightweight at the back but looks decent in front. organization seems to be rafa's specialty, hope to see a well coached team pretty soon. we've had monkeys and donkeys for far too long
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