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  1. I cant push the "Roll back driver" button, it's grey. Graphics quality in preferences in the game i suppose? They are already at very low. I was in contact with Nvidia support and they suggested: I request you to download the drivers from the manufacturer website including the motherboard and chipset drivers. Krishna: Also the BIOS Krishna: While updating the BIOS, please seek the help of the manufacturer, because it may harm the computer, if not properly updated. Krishna: After that try reinstalling the drivers. Is this something that could work in your opinion?
  2. Installed and launched Civilization 6 with Nvidia set as default and it froze. I also ran FM17 with the Intel as default and it worked even if it was slow. Reinstalled the Nvidia driver but no change. So I'm guessing there is something wrong with the Nvidia card. It did however work when I disabled Intel as posted above...
  3. Only play this game but tried starting an other one and it seemed fine.
  4. If it helps: I have Intel and Nvidia graphics. I tried to disable the Intel card. Then the game will start but runs really slow and in settings the "this computers 3d graphics capacity" will show only half a star (very low). Before I had five stars.
  5. The first time I tried it crashed and a blue screen came up saying something about "video scheduler". Then I tried again and it still freezes but a bit later into the startup meny.
  6. Did not download anything. Sure, attaching file! DxDiag.txt
  7. Not entirely sure what that means but I dont think so. As far as I know I'm using Nvidia and Intel graphics. I have not downloaded anything extra for the game if that's what it means.
  8. Tried but still freezes immediately at startup.
  9. Well, that worked perfectly for a couple of weeks. Then it froze during gameplay and now It freezes at startup every time. Any other suggestions?
  10. That seem to have done the trick! Thanks, really appreciate it!
  11. From the task manager it looks like both are active, but could you explain how I will know which one is the default? By the way, it seems the version is 17.3.2
  12. I think the version is 17.3.0 DxDiag.txt
  13. Hi, I have played a game of FM17 for about a year and it recently started to freeze at different times (gameplay, startup and just in-game). The entire computer freezes so the only thing I can do is to press the power button to shut it down. I am no computer-wiz, so I might have made something wrong, but I tried these things: I deleted preferences and cache and verified Reinstalled the game Tried the speedfan and the stability test with that fur-something program Un- and re-installed the intel graphics card I have put down the graphic settings to medium and played in a small window In the game I used the editor to change the stadium size, apart from that I havent changed or downloaded anything. Would be thankful for any assistance!
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