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  1. How is Marseille, Dortmund and Ajax a group of death?
  2. How is that a funny screenshot? It simply shows that the user has given the guy a nickname. In this case it obviously means: Heraldo - name AsMan - Job, so Assistant Manager in this case a20 - Judging Ability of 20 p19 - Judging Potential of 19
  3. With the goalkeeper problem you should have some greyed out keepers in either your reserve or youth team who you can pick. If you don't then you should try moving all of your youth squad to your reserves and some should appear, and then you can pick them for the match. They will be awful but at least you can play the match. Or you could holiday through the match and the game will sort it out for you.
  4. Just had a legendary news headline. Took me bloody ages to get but then I realised how great/cheesy it is: Gr-andy Taylor!
  5. You can add a comment at the bottom of the press conference screen, below where you select your answer, and if you swear in it then the game comments on it.
  6. It does but I don't have any extra commentary packs installed. Good to see that the SI guys have a sense of humor.
  7. Just saw a fantastic line of commentary that I hadn't seen before. Milner got the ball unmarked just outside the area and completely messed up his shot, hitting it way over the bar.
  8. Isn't there something about Burnely qualifying for Europe this season despite being relegated, due to their fair play record?
  9. Can somebody please change the title of this thread to "Backwell United - Promotion, Whats that?" Obviously without the quotation marks. Thanks.
  10. Presumably he was sold for £0 with a percentage of future sale or future profit clause. If that was the case then it means that you will financially benefit from any future transfers of the player.
  11. Whats odd about that? If you reach the eleventh round of penalties they will always be taken by the keeper, simply because no player can take a second penalty till all players have taken one.
  12. Also, why is there only an attacking midfielder schedule for developing players and under 17s?
  13. I agree with the few that have posted this before. Can you please let us know what each position is. Here is what I think each is but I don't know one or two: WF - Wide Forward ST - Striker GK - Obviously Goalkeeper FB - Full back CM - Center Mid CF - Center Forward CB - Center Back The one I am not sure on is CF, it seems to have nowhere near enough attacking training to be for a center forward. Thanks.
  14. All of that pales into insignificance when I looked at the names in your team. You have a striker named ****ing Scorpio. How amazing is that.
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