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  1. If you're still in another job then small clubs might not offer you a job because they can't afford the compensation they would have to pay to sign you. I believe that small clubs have no problem offering very well known managers a job if they are unemployed at the time, as then they don't have to pay any compensation.
  2. Are you sure that any players from your second season actually deserved a place in your best eleven?
  3. I'm not certain but they might have to actually play games with those tactics to fully get used to them. Try using one of the tactics for a few games in a row.
  4. mackemforever

    [FM 12] James Rodriguez

    I always used to sign this guy back on the older games, like FM07/08 but in the last couple of years he's tended to be out of my budget given that I usually play as smaller teams. Still, glad to see that he is turning into a good player, both in reality and in the game.
  5. mackemforever

    Was it worth it!?

    First of all, let me just start by saying that I bought my copy of FM12 and have never once pirated any game made by SI. It actually took about 6 days, and each patch they have released has stopped the pirated versions from working for between 6 and 18 hours. However, by modern standards that is a long, long time. Virtually the only games that don't get cracked quicker than that are Ubisoft games which have their horrible DRM which requires you to be online permanently to play. Since steam was first released it has been possible to pirate games released through steam. Infact, often the first pirated copies of games are the steam releases, because they have preloading it means that the preload files can be uploaded a few days before the actual release, meaning that come release day only a small number of files have to be uploaded and so the game is available to pirates very quickly. I also don't see why you think this is a problem. You said it yourself, you love the game. You obviously like it enough to pay for it, so why does it effect you? Even after having to install steam, not getting a physical copy of the game, and finding out about the pirated version, I would put money on the fact that you would still choose to buy a copy of the game rather than download an illegal copy.
  6. 37k players isn't really a lot. Get it up to about 75k players and try again.
  7. mackemforever

    Duplicate Steam Code

    Most likely cause is that somebody bought it, installed it, resealed the case and then traded it in. Take it back to CeX and get a refund. I would also get screenshots or photos of the errors you get when you try to install it to show them if they try and claim it is a working copy.
  8. mackemforever

    major issue with steam

    As has been said before, get in touch with steam. I had my account hacked a few years ago, back when I was stupid and used simple passwords. I got in touch with steam, they asked me to ring them, got me to confirm a few basic details over the phone, and reset my password, removed the bans that the guy that hacked my account had got placed on it (he got caught cheating in several games) and it was all mine again.
  9. Well he went straight into my side because I love using pace upfront and he was even quicker than Nicky Maynard. He joined us in January and ended with something like 17 goals in 21 games and helped us get promoted. So to make things more impressive, his 35 goals in 36 league games came in the Premiership.
  10. Agree on Bakenga being awesome. This is a screenshot of him at the end of the 2nd season, having spent the last 18 months playing as a lone striker for my Bristol City side.
  11. mackemforever

    FM12 - Bristol City - Only one more rung to go

    Oops, just realised I ****ed up the link for the Bakenga screenshot. I've put the correct link in there now so you can see how awesome he was.
  12. mackemforever

    Soccer am

    Their players are all hard-coded to remain at the club as players. Once some of them retire and become staff then you can sign them, but you can't sign them as players.
  13. mackemforever

    FM12 - Bristol City - Only one more rung to go

    Competitions League Table - [/url] - Absolutely awesome season. I was expecting to finish down near the bottom of the table but the team kept on pulling good results out of the bag. We never really found the level of consistency I would have liked though, we could beat a good side by 3 goals one day then lost 4-0 to a bottom of the table side 3 days later. Hopefully we can iron these problems out next season. FA Cup - Would have liked to have gone further but given the number of games we had to play, and the small core of our squad that I felt I could rely on, I'm almost glad that Man City knocked us out. League Cup - Our best chance of a trophy so a competition I take very seriously, playing a full strength side for most of the competition. Not really that surprising we won it given that most teams view it as a joke cup. EURO Cup - Probably the biggest shock of the season. We just kept on putting in outstanding performances to punch well above our weight. Some great experience for the squad and proof of what we can do when everything clicks. Squad Squad - On the whole the squad was pretty average, however the core members of the squad tended to play pretty well and nobody really let us down when they had to step into the side. The only players that did struggle were those called into the MC positions as I was struggling to find a way to get them to consistently perform well. Key Players Mushaga Bakenga - Playing as a lone striker he needed to hit the ground running and he sure as hell did. Has the pace and technical ability to torture defenders and proved himself to be a very tidy finisher. He did go through a couple of dry spells throughout the season but he always seemed to make up for it by finding his feet again when we had an important game. Luigi Bruins - Took a while to settle into the team but once he did he looked very good. Was playing as an AMC playmaker and did a great job of getting the ball out to the flanks, giving Bakenga chances and chipping in with his own goals when he was given the chance. Bongani Khumalo - Played a key role in a defense that struggled all season. Was easily the best member of our defence and without him I don't think we would have stood a chance of doing as well as we did, also chipped in with a few nice goals towards the end of the season. Roger - Came into the side in January and struggled to find his feet to begin with, but once I managed to figure out how to get the best out of him he looked great. His 9 assists in the league all came from his final 7 games. Could definitely be an important player for the team for years to come. Giovani dos Santos - My signing of the season by far. Linked up brilliantly with Bakenga, looked unstoppable on the wing and showed himself to be a very competent finisher when he needed to be. I reckon there will be some interest in him over the summer but there is no way in hell I'm going to let him leave. *EDIT* Just after I typed this Chelsea made an offer of £11.5m for his services. If they game me 3 times that I might consider it! Premiership Awards Top Goalscorer Footballer of the Year Goal of the Season Manager of the Year Players' Team of the Year Team Awards Fans' Player of the Year Best Eleven Other Awards European Golden Boot So overall, a pretty damn good season! I don't think we're going to have the firepower to get any further up the league next year but I do believe that repeating the success of this season will be possible.
  14. mackemforever

    Help I rejected a contract offer!

    Tbh I would see nothing wrong with using FMRTE in your situation. Use that to extend your contract by 12 months and make sure you don't make the same mistake again.
  15. You'll get given a transfer budget at the start of the January transfer window.