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  1. Well this is interesting when I went on holiday there were no new players on my squad, but it did populate my U18 team. So I took a 16 year old GK with no real future and stuck him on my bench. I hate to have to do that as I have a pretty good 18 year old backup that I like to play from time to time and i hate to waste a spot on the bench. Lesson learned I guess. I need to develop a few players that are useful.
  2. Well it happened again in my second game. So going on holiday only allowed me to play the game, but not manage it. I don't have anyone at my club that will satisfy this requirement that I can put on my squad. I had two players before this season, but they both retired. So what do I do now? Is there a permanent solution that will allow me to play this season while I develop some players?
  3. I wasn't asked to register players and went on holiday for a day and the game was played. My question is once I do this will the game continue to do this to me each game or will I be good to go from there? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi everyone! I recently was promoted up to League 2 in England from the National League and am ready to play my first match of the season, but can't because I'm getting an alert that I don't have any homegrown club (HGC) players in my match squad. I went through my entire club and to my surprise I don't have a player that qualifies. I have four players that are a year short of the status at this point. Since I can't make one magically appear and I can't go forward in the game to play, what do I do? Is my game dead? Is there a solution for this or do I have to start a new game? I'm really hoping not since I'm now in my third season with St. Albans City. I hate to go this route, but in an emergency situation like this is there a way I can use MacAssistant RT18 to change someone's status? Thanks for your help!
  5. Since I started playing FM 18 this past fall, I've noticed that I have real trouble signing players who will then sign for clubs in leagues lower than mine. I started playing St. Albans who at the time were in England's Vanarama South division. I got promoted to the Vanarama National League and tried to sign better caliber players that were equal in quality to that level. However, time and time again they would turn me down either saying my club couldn't match their ambitions or financial demands and then they would sign with clubs in the Vanarama North or South divisions that I just got promoted from. It was almost impossible to sign anyone of the quality I needed. I managed to get promoted again and am moving up to the the English League Two now and am encountering the same problem. I have plenty of budget and transfer money and am trying to sign players that are League Two caliber and they are giving me the same reasons for not signing with me, yet a few of these players are willing to sign with Vanarama National teams. I'm not overreaching and trying to sign players that would never play at this level, so I'm trying to understand how to overcome this. I realize my club reputation isn't the highest and the board is in the process of upgrading the youth and training facilities and expanding the stands and we have just made the switch from part time to full time. I've hired more coaches and the game tells me that my coaching staff is at the top of the League Two staffs, so my coaching is excellent for this level. I've won two leagues in a row, so I've proven I can win, which should be attractive to players. Any suggestions how I can get the caliber of player I need to compete to sign for me? This just seems a bit unrealistic that I can go through dozens of players and not get any of them interested in signing with me. I can sign lesser players, but they aren't any better than what I already have and won't help me compete at the next level I'm moving to. Thanks for your input.
  6. Let me start this post by saying that while I’ve been playing FM for many years, I’ve never change skins or done mods before, so I’m a complete newbie to this. I downloaded the Dark Skin and began using it with no problems. Then I downloaded your files and followed your directions about creating a Panels folder in my FM2014 folder (I know I’m in the correct place) and put the .xml files and graphics folders where you instructed. I then cleared the cache in my game and clicked the reload skin box before clicking the reload skin button. After the reload, nothing changes. I still have the dark skin, but none of your mods show up. Even re-started the game with no success. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong, but at this point I can’t figure out what. One guess is that so not to confuse similar named .xml files I actually copied the panels folders into the new main panel folder I created and gave each of them the name of the original folder with “panel” at the end of the name. So in my new main panels folder I now have 10 nested panels folders that contain all of the .xml files I downloaded. Could this be causing the problem? I appreciate any help.
  7. Well, six games into the season I am 4-1-1 and sitting in first place by a point! A good start!
  8. I just started playing with Gateshead and am excited to see what happens. I’m a big Newcastle fan, but only play teams in the lower leagues, I thought Gateshead looked like fun. A few of the players you mentioned weren’t on my roster when I started and for some odd reason Dan Smith shows up in my tactics, but not my roster-Must be a bug of some kind. I find that many of the players on the roster, while decent of for this league, don’t really fit my style of play (4-1-2-3: short passing, quick tempo, very fluid) so as in most of my lower league games, I embark on a two year squad rebuild. It takes a few years, because I sometimes have to wait until the end of the first season to let some contrast run out that I can’t sell. So far I’ve brought in a few loan signings, so as not to eat away my free wages-a right back Kelvin Bleau, who is great at jumping into the attack and since we are so short of players at central defense-Luke Waterfall from Scunthorpe. Neither is world beating, but capable players. I also signed a couple of the trialists at the start of the game: a young central defender George King, who could develop nicely and Jan Llado, a Spaniard who is fitting in nicely as either an inside forward or a trequartista type striker. My last signing is Ibrahim Farah, a central defender who was on a free and does a nice job in the central midfield of distributing the ball. Normally, I’m able to get a couple of nice signings that are above my level at the beginning of the game, but finding FM14 tough to do this. Would love to add a better keeper, a striker or inside forward with bite, and an experienced central defender. I also got rid of my assistant manager and brought in two coaches who can really coach offense and defense. I just wish I was allocated a conditioning coach, so I don’t have to give those roles to them as well. First game coming up, so we’ll see how it goes!!
  9. I am going to upgrade from FM13 to FM 14 and have purchased the game every year it’s been in existence. Having always played on my computer and never having played the handheld version I’m wondering if people could give me some insight and advice comparing the two versions. My brother bought the handheld version and is enjoying playing on his iPad, but since he hasn’t bought the game in 5 or 6 years, he doesn’t feel like he’s missing anything from the computer version. I worry if I go handheld, that I won’t enjoy the full functionality I’m used to on my computer. However, the handheld version is tempting since it’s $9.99 versus $49.99. Thoughts? Pro’s and con’s? Thanks.
  10. The thing is, in both cases, I offered the coaches a "coach" contract and in both cases when I went to assign their training roles I couldn't find them. I found them both as youth coaches working with the U18 team. I never offered that contract to them and now I'm at my limit of coaches since I'm in the Blue Square Premier division and am shorthanded on the first team, which obviously effects training.
  11. I have hired two coaches as "coaches" for their job, intending them to be a part of my first team set up and when I look at my staff they have been added as U-18 coaches, which I didn't want. Is there a reason this happens? Can I change their job to coach the first team?
  12. Thanks. That's what I figured, but I was being hopeful! Now I will just have to decide whether to get it for my iPad as well.
  13. I probably know the answer to this already, but thought I'd put it out there just in case I'm wrong. I've been playing FM for years now on my laptop (MacBook Pro) and am currently playing FM 12. I just bought the new iPad, and am wondering if I buy FM Handheld can I use my save game data for both my version on my computer and on my iPad? Is there a way to network the two? While I'm content to just play on my computer, it would be great to be able to play wherever and whenever I want, both at home and on the go for the same game. Also, I'm going to be traveling overseas this summer and since I'll be spending many hours on a plane, it would be great to play on my iPad, which I will be taking along. I'm just not sure I want to buy it for both and have two completely separate games going on at the same time. Thanks for your input or suggestions.
  14. I just purchased FM12 and started playing and as a longtime player of the series there are a couple of preferences that I can't seem to change in this version of the game and I hope someone can tell me how to change these. First, I prefer playing with all players having their attributes visible, so that when I'm searching for players to buy, I can see what their attributes are. When I started my new game they are all blank. How do I change this? Also, I usually assign my assistant manager to take control of friendlies, but am not sure where to find this option in the game. Thanks for your help.
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