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  1. @Luke Hume Hi, it's an issue you're already aware of (the details panel missing on all tabs, unable to go into fullscreen, etc). I'm asking for a previous build of the Editor to be uploaded as a beta on Steam, so I can use it to tune my custom database.
  2. At least that way I'll be able to use it. It really shouldn't take 2 months to fix something that's previously worked fine.
  3. @Luke Hume Any solution yet? It's been well over a month since I reported this, and it seems like it'd be an easy fix. I'm unable to play the game until this is sorted out.
  4. @animal31 Do you know if SI know about this? I imagine it's an easy fix. I only play with a heavily customised database so I can't really start a game until this is sorted out
  5. Making it impossible for me to alter player records, and therefore impossible to play the game.
  6. A working game please. FM20 is literally the worst management game I've ever played. 10 missing 1v1s a game, inexplicable headers going over from 3 yards, dribbling half the pitch and caressing the ball into the keeper's hands, the concept of "squaring it" being completely alien to Kevin de Bruyne, counting the most innocuous blocked shot as a "key chance". I genuinely don't think I've ever had fun playing this year's game. Not once. It's so unbelievably knackered that it feels like a chore. FM20 is completley broken beyond repair, and I really hope they figure out the difference between
  7. So updated my game, went to load my old save, and the in game editor button is there at the top, but it's greyed out. Anyone know how to fix this? or roll-back to a previous version of the game? Really sick of SI constantly messing everything up.
  8. I accidentally overwrote my comprehensive custom database while reloading to reverse changes, and noticed I have the 'save editor backups' option ticked - is there any way to find them? Scoured my PC but can't locate them.
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