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  1. thordur.thordarson

    FC Vaduz

    I already posted the bug here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/437059-Switzerland-(Official)-League-Specific-Issues As always, there comes debate over if this is a legitimate bug or not..
  2. thordur.thordarson

    FC Vaduz

    I thought that the winner of Europa League would get automatic entry in Champions League. I'm just shocked that my hard work isn't paying off. The only thing that keeps me going is three of my players are naturalizing during the next season which will help me with the national team aspect of this challenge:)
  3. thordur.thordarson

    FC Vaduz

    I just won EL with FC Vaduz and I still played in EL the subsequent season. I'm extremely disappointed because I thought this would give me CL football. I've won the swiss league three times in a row now and I've naturalized several of my players. I want a reason to continue with my game but I feel totally gutted right now.
  4. thordur.thordarson

    FMC Wishlist Thread #1

    I agree with the affiliated clubs. It takes merely 0.005% of the time spent on a season to manage them anyways (I probably make one of these agreements every other season or so). Regarding staff, I want to be able to hire one senior team coach and perhaps a fitness coach. Or maybe be able to have one attacking coach, defensive coach, general coach. I however still don't want to have too many coaches to worry about as I like having the simplicity.
  5. thordur.thordarson

    FMC Wishlist Thread #1

    Agreed. It annoys me when the game picks the squad numbers for me.
  6. thordur.thordarson

    FMC Wishlist Thread #1

    I have numbers of ideas for improving FMC regarding unlockables and challenges. Challenge #1) Rich owner: You select a team that is on the bottom 25% of its league and it's immediately taken over by a rich investor who throws a lot of money into the team on day one. That new owner will demand success immediately and lets you spend the money that supposedly brings the success. He will fire you if you don't compete for the title during the season. Challenge #2) Fantasy draft: You select a team in a league in which all players will be moved from all teams into a fantasy draft that takes place in the beginning of the game. Each team gets one pick per round and the end result is all teams equally strong during the season. Unlockable #1) Naturalization: Can be used for any player in the game that you wish to have naturalized as a citizen of any country of your choice. Can be sold for a low price for each naturalization a player wants to make. That could give international managers the chance to naturalize unused Brazilians, Englishmen, etc. in their national teams in the game. Unlockable #2) Lower league 'retirement': Is used on players that have announced retirements. Given that you're managing a lower league team, the player will join your team as a semi-professional or amateur on his retirement day instead of retiring fully.
  7. For the Football Manager Classic game, I actually would like more challenges and more unlockables. There is one particular unlockable that I wish I could play with now, if you buy it then your team will be taken over by a tycoon who immediately pushes the club forward by injecting a lot of cash, expands the stadium, etc. There could be several different levels of the same lockable, each costing more and having stronger effect on how large and ambitious the business tycoon will be. For an idea of a new challenge, all players in the player's division are put in a fantasy draft where each manager gets to pick one player per draft round until all players are re-allocated. At the end of the draft, all teams are similarly strong.
  8. thordur.thordarson

    Unrealistic international selection

    Wow, that is ridiculous. SI really need to look at the international call-up system.
  9. Hey all, Have any of you ever noticed that international player selection gets unrealistic throughout time? In my current save, England have on occasions called up reputable players who haven't even played a league game for their team in a 1, 2 or more years!!! England have even called up free agent players who aren't being signed by anyone, even months half a year after they are released! Meanwhile, there are other English players that are performing well in the league that haven't had a chance before that don't get any call ups. Isn't this strange to you? For example, in year 2016, Stewart Downing doesn't play a single league game for Liverpool for 2 years and his contract expires. He still is played by England, both while playing for Liverpool Reserves and as a free agent. No club wants to sign him. This is just crazy.
  10. thordur.thordarson

    The Rise To Glory !

    First name: Thordur Sveinlaugur Last Name: Thordarson Full Name: D.O.B: (Day and month only, because all players will be 16 year old) 17 September Nationality: Icelandic Town: Reykjavik Preferred Number: 23 Position: AM C Secondary Position: M C 6 Highest (main) Attributes: Strength, Natural Fitness, Acceleration, Aggression, Flair, Composure 6 Secondary Attributes: Dribbling, Long shots, Passing, Team work, Work rate, Bravery Weight: 184 Height: 95
  11. Awesome. How do you plan on updating us with the progresses? Will you post earned points or any screenshots of the player stats? Just an idea, if you don't want to spend too much time manually processing detailed information from the game, you could upload the save game file at the end of the game so we can have a look at it ourselves
  12. First Name: Thordur Sveinlaugur Last Name: Thordarson Common Name: Full Name: D.O.B.: 17. September City: Reykjavik Nation: Iceland Preferred Number: 23 Position: GK 5 Primary Attributes: Penalty taking, Command of Area, Positioning, Influence, Bravery 3 Secondary Attributes: One-on-ones, reflexes, communication 7 Tertiary Attributes: handling, kicking, throwing, agility, pace, acceleration, natural fitness PPM (Max 2): Personal Survey: Jose Manuel Reina
  13. thordur.thordarson

    How to nationalize all players in a club

    Sorry friend, I read your post again and I misunderstood you. I thought you meant you wanted to get players of specific nationality to your club. As far as I know you can't write that rule into the game for any team.
  14. thordur.thordarson

    How to nationalize all players in a club

    Hey, it is possible, but it requires you to be a programmer There is a thread on this forum about a Scout / Editor framework, last time I remembered the libraries hadn't been updated to accommodate the memory offset for 10.0.3 version of FM, only 10.0.2. I created an editor back then that would let you randomize all players in clubs within chosen leagues, which equally assigned all money and players by reputation to all clubs in a selection to make a very equal league. It was a lot of fun. But you must be a programmer with .NET skills to be able to do this.
  15. thordur.thordarson

    Diet plans [Idea for future FM games]

    But there are no such professionals in the game or any influence from such and we do not have all the control that we need when it comes to players' fitness. This doesn't need to be complicated and it could be possible to assign a dietitian on the team to take care of this completely or be able to step in to make choices for yourself, just like you can do with the assistant manager for many things. I had once a Kevin Nolan on my team standing at 1.83m and weighting 96kg. His stats were good but I was in no way happy about his physical figures. Ironically, there was absolutely NOTHING I could do about it with Kevin Nolan, but in real life a manager has a lot of options in a situation such as this. I also want to be able to boost players' physical stats by having them cut down on their body fat and I also want to be able to put particular players on a clean diet where it would make them more likely to get better physical stats. Why are you guys against having this feature? Just like with training, if you have no desire to spend time managing it, you could assign it to your assistant manager, similar things should apply here. Don't we want this game to be as realistic as possible?