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  1. IMHO, not really. If the opposition attacks you, counter attacking and direct football is still very, very effective. In my opinion, I don't think it's the game itself, but the way the AI treats you. If the AI is decided to defend, all you can do is have the ball and try to attack, so you're likely having 60% or more possession. Tactics looking for directness will be less effective than, say, patient tactics. This season midfielders score more goals from outside, so there you have it. On FM17 I was able to play only counter for a lot of seasons (exactly 9), till the reputation kicked up and I had to change the strategy. Until that happened, I got sounding results against every top team in the prem, for example. On FM19, for example, the change in reputation happened a lot earlier and I wasn't able to counter everyone.
  2. How can I enforce through balls for my advanced forward? What'd be the main tactical points? I constantly see him hugging the line and moving between channels, but no one looks for him. My defenders won't try to look for him, even if the distance is short and he's practically broadcasting an off-the-ball movement. My midfielders won't look for him when winning the possesion back, despite the space. My winger and my IFs look for each other using the space from the AF's movement. I use a 4123, with a winger on attack and an IF on support. Behind them, I've tried everything. I was hoping to see through balls to my AF from the If when he cuts inside, from the winger with early crosses and defense-breaking killer passes from my midfielders, but it's not happening. Everyone is scoring, except my AF. I have the best players in the game, so stats are not an issue.
  3. How do you counter in FM19? In FM17 it was as easy as setting your hard tackles, direct passing and high tempo, but the same isn't working in FM19.
  4. Can't wait to read the next post. I've spent countless hours trying to play a 442, and I can't make it work. No matter how good my players are, no matter the "concept" of the 442, it won't work. I find specially hard to counter in FM19, so here's hoping you'll going to counter in your next save!
  5. Nope, I changed him to IFs and I change the narrow-wide PIs based on what I see: if there are spaces I set him to play wider, if there are not I set him to play narrower. Plus, sometimes I set him on attack if the fb that's defending him is attacking.
  6. Suso will perform good on any posession based tactic. But he will be best on a system with fast transitions. On Rashidi's Liquid, Suso is netting me 20-25 goals per season, playing him as an IFs. I have the same problem as you do, though, with Piatek, Cutrone and Silva. Managing Milan, currently on my 3rd season, with success, but my goals come only from Kessie, Paqueta and Suso. Paqueta and Kessie, who are playing in the midfield, score tons of long shots. Suso is always getting second post crosses, long shots and overall doing pretty good drbilling inside and scoring. Like I said, I've been using Rashidi's Liquid tactic to a great success. It employs an F9, and my strikers aren't really the best F9's available. I'm trying to develop my own tactic. On FM17 I loved how 4132 and 4312 played under Rashidi's advice and general gameplan, but in 2019 I am completely unable to set it up. I can't make it work like it did on FM17, no matter what my LOE/D-line settings, or pressing intensity settings. And because I want to sell my strikers! My goal is simple: I want to play at least 1 striker in a way that he gets to run for through balls that lead him to a 1on1. I want to see my wings and midfield supplying him. I don't care if he's the only offensive outlet of the tactic, I want to learn to do just that. Ideally, in my wildest dreams, I want a setup that let's me play a-la-Valverde: control when I can, counter when I can't. If I'm not mistaken, ideally, the best setup for this (counter leaded by a forward) would be a medium block, but I've been unable to set it up even following Rashidi's videos. Nothing I do translates into us stealing the ball on the mid field and launching a counter driven by the lone striker's off the ball movement, like I was able to do in FM17 4132 and a poacher. Not against big, small or medium teams. My team has absolute monsters on posession football: creativity, anticipation, decisions, vision, flair, technicals are all very, very good on my midfielders. I can play posession no problem. With these stats, I guessed they could launch counters, but I can't make them do it. I'm trying to set it up because In my experience over the years, for a lone striker to perform good, either he's a monster and excels phisically, technically and mentally, or you give him what he needs: if he's tall and strong, give him crosses. If he's fast and dribbles, give him the ball on the golden zone. Piatek and Cutrone both excel at off-the-ball movement, so they need spaces. You won't have any space if you press the hell out of your opposition. They'll be bottled up. You need to let them come, steal the ball, and launch a counter attack with pass into space. To be able to link up with the lone striker in a counter transition, either you set an AMC, or a DLF. Theoretically you should be able to do it with and playmaker midfielder role or bpd's, I've done it on FM17... but on my save, it does not happen. It never happens. I've reloaded the same game for hours and barely got 2 or 3 balls hoofed to the lone striker. I am guessing that you have to train this kind of football, and since I'm training posession and the like, my players are avoiding hoofing balls. I'd like to list here the amount of permutations of a 4123, 4312 and 4132 I've tried trying to do this, but I'd use up all the memory on SI's forums servers
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