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  1. Hey @knapIm on Fm 20 using the warriorTHEPLWIN352 ive used 442 as well but my strikers score less than they should in the league i have the best team but my strikers perform below average and teams seem to mark them Got any tactic that gets your strikers scoring alot on fm20 and breaks down teams?
  2. the first leg in the groups i meant not in the knockout stages yeah maybe but i have some venomous wonderkids and i have faith in them to do well im not planning on winning the ucl this season or expecting it from them just enjoying my time and making the club greater
  3. this ones right here the venom and faith works wonders for my team when we go 1-0 down to a big team or not getting any shots while using the warrior tactic so i just switch to the venom and faith and go from there, some games for me against the big teams the warrior has been amazing like vs roma and man city for the 1st leg in the second not so much but eh you cant win them all FM20.4.1VenomFaith424KnapVOL3P108ECCC.fmf FM20.4.1WARRIORKnap4132THPLWIN352(191-161).fmf
  4. @knap your warrior tactic is just amazing took me to the ucl final in which sadly we lost and didnt put the best performance but i was pleased with how we got there and so far in the ucl its working wonders 3-0 up vs roma in 20 minutes we conceded 2 after put i was confident in my team and the tactic i changed to the warrior in the second leg vs leverkusen we dominated but were unlucky but the venom and faith did the job in the 1st leg you are an amazing tactic creator
  5. Hey @knapafter alot of frustration i have tried the warrior tactic and im pleased with results in the league and with my strikers which have started getting chances and scoring but would it be effective in the ucl against the bigger teams?
  6. yeah i have noticed that with my virtus entella save but because my team is the best in the league its hard for me to not expect my players to be able to create magic especially my strikers the wingers are fine i had dennis man and he got 18 starts and 5 goals with 13 assists the next season he got 16 starts cause of rotation with some sub appeareances and got 6 goals 14 assists
  7. the problem is in the league with the strikers if you will look at my game in the champions league the strikers were on fire but in the league mediocre the new season i started looks to be ok so far and actually just looked at munteanus career stats first season in total appearences he had 32 with the ucl and etc and 16 substitue appearances and got 30 in all comps in the league 13 second season 20 games in the league 12 goals but 25 in all comps maybe the strikers scoring in the ucl and cup comps affects them when playing in the league cause i just simmed the last season and got into my new o
  8. that doesnt look like a formation i would like to use do you maybe have a 4-2-3-1 or a formation like lollujo uses in his apollon save? or any other formation with wingers and 2 strikers cause i have alot of strikers
  9. like using a dm 2 cms 2 wingers and 1 striker? and i mean i have a very good team all my players are in the media dream eleven but strikers underperform
  10. yeah but i dont have any players able to play there they are wingers used for a 4-2-4 and dont know the lm rm positions at all and i also like using the wingers more up the pitch in a 4-2-4
  11. most of the teams they go with attacking formations against me with 4 at the back in my most recent game ive used the 4-2-4 beowulf 20.4.1p103eccfor140 and lost 2-0 against 10th i had 30 shots 14 on target and they had 4 and 3 on target im playing with apoel in cyprus so maybe the cypriot league is just cursed lol
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