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  1. pretty amazing results in preseason and decent results in the league with venom&faith p101 i think but concede every game @knap should i drop mentality to positive would that fix my leaking defense?
  2. strikers scored plenty or have been the goals shared between the squad
  3. strikers score on the usual if you have a decent one? also underdog or top team tactic
  4. does it work well with the latest patch version and stuff? if so on which page is it? or hell the download link lol been struggling too much
  5. anybody know of any great tactic for the latest patch that will also get my strikers score too and win me games? ive been struggling with lille so far drawing and losing too much
  6. anyone can give me a link to download (P103) P106 ALL CUPS KINGSTONIAN P109 (Recommended for LL) cant find it anywhere and im a bit tired to search @knap
  7. hey @knap do you have a link for the kingstonian 4123 cant find it anywhere to download
  8. hey @knap or anyone else anyone have a link to download a throw in exploit? cant find one
  9. Does anyone know any good amazing/cheat tactic that works with big and small teams and also gets your striker or strikers score loads of goals?
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