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  1. Shows just how little I know about making the game! Fair points made. Shame really. I think there's an irony that it would help the profile of the game if it was on. Maybe one day, and maybe there will be a company who aim a game at the women's leagues. Well, that was a short thread!
  2. I'm new so I don't know how much this has been discussed here, but I have seen older threads about the women's game from a few years ago. I understand that SI say that the Women's game needs to bring in Championship level crowds before they consider scouting it. Is it me, or does anyone else think this is an excessive number expected? Most of the women's teams play at lower league grounds, and so will never bring in 20k+ crowds regularly until we see the teams being treated as separate entities to the Men's game. However, in the last two years, we have seen games reach Premier League crowds. England are doing really well and it's an exciting competition. Not everyone is going to want to play it, but can I point out how little interest I have in playing about 80% of the leagues on the Men's game. It would help give the game a boost, with a proper collection of players and NextGen's that aren't generated as 'Alan' or 'Mike'. Surely SI can make enough through all their games to do something small, even if it's a small challenge or mini-game alongside the men's league. Would it not be possible to have a possible selection on the 'New Career' menu where you could pick 'Men, Women or both'? What do people think? What do SI say now, knowing how much the Women's game has grown in the last 24 months? Or are they not really interested?
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