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  1. I tried my CF on attacking duty and he ended up isolated on his own, the gap between him and the midfield seemed too large. Either of the wingers on attacking duty just gave the opposition fullbacks a free pass to charge forward and 2-on-1 my fullback. Not sure if there's a solution with one of my CMs on attacking along with my CF? Something more than a scraped victory dependant on set pieces doesn't seem too much to ask for Right, so my question is what would you suggest to inject something into the team? I've tried a quicker tempo and it had little effect. I tried an attack mentality and couldn't see much difference either.
  2. Hi All, Just got FM16 and finding a tactic that's entertaining and effective is proving troublesome. What I was aiming for is a high possession 4-1-2-2-1. With the aim being for the fullbacks to provide width, the wingers to act as inside forwards and provide support for my striker, and one of the midfield pair to make forward runs as an added option for the playmaker. In defence I want my anchorman to drop back as an auxiliary centre back allowing my centrebacks to push out wide to hold up opposition wingers until my fullbacks get back. What I'm getting.... well it's dull. Incredibly dull. An abundance of 1-0 and occasional 2-1 wins. 60-70% possession and most of my goals coming from set pieces or acts of brilliance (historically an indicator of good players but a bad tactic if I remember rightly...) This is the shape and roles I'm using (ignore the players, I've been ravaged by injury!): And this is the TIs I'm using: My PIs are largely the defaults for the player roles, GK is set to distribute to CBs, full backs are set to push up a bit. This is the kind of result I'm getting, lots of the AI having one shot on goal and scoring, and as I said, most of my goals coming from set pieces or flashes of genius: So, any tips or suggestions as to why my team are dull as dishwater? Cheers, Ched
  3. That would be a fair point. Azpilicueta has gone in as back up to marquinhos so not sure if it's valid in this case. Also not sure why they're playing marq at rb...
  4. I'm using high tempo, high closing down and the "hassle opponents" option and I'm seeing a lot of reds. The AI is also getting a lot of reds. Think it could do with a tweak as they are a *little* high. But for what it's worth, the "ease off tackles" player instruction seems to work as I've yet to have someone sent off after I've used it. Not sure if this is bug, but that option vanishes for the "ball winning midfielder" player role.
  5. May have a little experiment when I get some free time.Have seem some very curious transfers in the first window that would disprove this if I could replicate it (£20m for Claudio yacob is the most obvious).Will post my results if/when I get round to it.
  6. If we accept that this is the case (which I'm willing to do ) then for the above example (neither PSG nor monaco were willing to go above £23m for el sha) there are obviously other unconsidered factors that contribute to bids. So my next question would be, assuming that the AI is fair, what other factors are considered? Should these be a little more transparent to the player? Similar to the introduction of the assman feedback a few years back, should we get better transfer feedback? I know a LOT of game mechanics/quirks are attributed to AI cheats/witchcraft when the only problem is a lack of meaningful feedback!
  7. I've usually attributed this to differing club reputations. Rarely seen someone go to a lower rep club for a lower wage.
  8. I assume it's a bug, same thing has happened to me, 2nd year in serie A, CL reg is day before window close. Might be worth raising it in bugs forum unless they're already aware of it?
  9. Basically my question is that in the title: Does the AI treat human players differently with regards to transfer dealings? If not then what affects what the AI deems to be a suitable bid amount? My example is as follows: Player is AC Milan. AI bids £21m for El Shaarawy (PSG and Monaco) El Shaarawy is happy at club, valued at £25m and has 4 years left on his contract. Initially I dismissed this as another poorly judged bid. Then I saw the next transfer message. "PSG have £27m bid accepted for Azpilicueta" Azpilicueta is valued at £17m, has 3 years left on his contract, is 4 years older and has lower PA than el sha . Azplicueta is also second choice for the RB position at chelsea vs el sha being first choice. This does not make one bit of sense. Does anybody have any thoughts or similar experiences? Does the AI appear to treat humans differently just because they're "new" managers? What other factors in bid values have I overlooked? FWIW I'm not crying "the AI cheats OMG!!!" just curious as to what's caused the above exampled - it's not isolated by any stretch, just the onyl one I have the exact numbers for.
  10. Amusing bug. Rooney asked to leave utd and they agreed and transfer listed him. Thought I'd snap him up for AC Milan, their asking price....£178m lol
  11. Few issues I've noticed. Apologies for the anecdotal nature of this: 1 - Red cards seem to be too frequent - so far in half a season I've seen 12 - even split between me/opposition. Granted I'm using high tempo and hassling opponents, but still seem too frequent. 2 - Defending of crosses/corners/IDFKs is fundamentally broken. Corners to feet in the 6 yard box are common, the ball bounces around the penalty spot fairly often from corners. Crossing, defenders just appear to switch off when the ball's in the air and fullbacks just watch... 3 - AI bidding for players they can't afford.... Getting several deals fall through because the AI doesn't have the funds, VERY frustrating. 4 - This one may be tactics related but I've had 90 minutes with me on "attacking" with not a single "key" highlight. I get that sometimes attacking may not be the most effective way of breaking down a troublesome opponent, but it should at least expose my team to counters and generate something over 90 minutes.... 5 - option to overide assistants training selections missing/not working? As I've not got a clue I tend to let my assman do training. However he seems intent on over working my player. So i tinker with those who are unhappy, and next week, he puts them back to heavy work loads..... Can we have the option to override the assman? 6 - Contradictory assman advice. "Go Direct" then seconds later "we're losing possession".... Please don't take the above as a sign I'm not happy! The game's very good, just needs some of the mroe significant issues ironed out.
  12. Sorry, meant to say, i wasn't wimbledon - i was just giving an example of how long you may have to wait even when you can buy your own stadium outright. If you're not making any money then that is probably why the board haven't bought you a new stadium - they don't seem to realise that if you had a 40,000 seater than you would make money lol.
  13. It took somewhere in the region of 18years before i got my new stadium despite having £500m in the bank and filling my old stadium hence you may have to wait for a while!
  14. I always wonder if the P is silent or not, the rest is straight forward enough. Mee-ra-lem and then either P-yan-ich or Yan-ich (i suspect the latter) or maybe the j is silent lol.
  15. ...you sack every coach that suggests you should "look to offload" your own son. Which as he's a bit toss, is every coach in the team. Doh.
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