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  1. Hello I am manging a team in Scotland but I thought like the other football managers if you do well teams would ask you to be their manager or let you know when a manager has left his post, I went to job centre the all nations box is checked how do I fix that? secondly can you manage a country and club team at the same time like you used too?
  2. Hello all, what happens to retired players in the game? I know some go on to coach and that but do they come back into the game as young players again like they used too?
  3. Hello, I have just started playing football manager 2019 and I have noticed I cant interact with the players all it lets me do is player conversation that is all. That cant be right , I cant speak to unhappy players or nothing, so what is going on? this isn't right surly, can that be fixed? if so how do I fix it?
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