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  1. Hi all Looking to get a laptop. Budget is around £700, don’t mind from where. I don’t play in 3D, but do like to have large database and around 6 nations loaded. is that possible in this price range?
  2. I still find the cursor is a lot slower than last years version. I hope they fix it in the next update
  3. Hi Smurf - would this one be better because it has the higher processor? https://www.box.co.uk/9S7-16J962-207-MSI-GL62M-7RD-207UK_2065202.html#DetailTop 2.8 vs 2.2?
  4. That is so helpful! The Lenovo one clearly isn’t good enough. Will keep looking. Hoping there will be some “going to uni” sales...
  5. Hey Smurf, is this best laptop I could get for around £800? https://www.box.co.uk/20LB0007UK-Lenovo-ThinkPad-P52s-Ultrabook-Workstati_2494899.html It has Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-Core Processor, which if I’ve understood the thread is most important for multiple leagues? It also has: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM And 256GB SSD. Do you think that could play on 4.5*+ on five countries with about four leagues from each? thank you
  6. I think I’ve seen people post on here that it has issues and has poor reviews on Amazon etc.
  7. Sorry to repost, just wondered if anyone had any thoughts about whether this would be the most efficient laptop in that price range (600-750£)
  8. Hi smurf For 600-750 - is this the best laptop I could get? https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-E4278T-ASUS-FX504GD-E4278T_2315681.html many thanks!
  9. If I stretched to £600 is there a better laptop I can get (not interested in graphics card) or is this the best in the price range if >£600?
  10. Hi Smurf i have a budget of £500 and would like to play around eight leagues from four nations. Ideally with 4.5 - 5 * stars. I play in 2d only so don’t care about graphics card. Is this realistic or will I have to increase my budget or decrease leagues? thank you!
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