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  1. Hey, i have a similar issue but it doesn't get fixed by the workaround. I'm playing as Schalke and i can't upgrade Youth Junior Coaching at all. Which is pretty frustrating considering I'm playing a youth development focussed save. If i follow through with @amberhelix workaround, it will always show minimal youth coaching. If i load the safe and check Facilities before checking Affiliates it will always be on Average Junior Coaching. I have several affiliates, one being my B Team - which has exceptional Junior coaching. And a dutch one in Twente. I'll be trying to remove Twente as soon as possible and see if that changes anything. But as of now, the workaround doesn't work for me
  2. hey, thanks for your reponse YasoKuul - i'll keep posting in your thread instead. Don't think theres a point in further splitting the discussion
  3. Hey, i'm not sure if it's a bug or wether i'm missing something, so maybe some of you can help me out. For some reason I can't increase my Junior Coaching. It's been sitting on minimal since pretty much forever. I have enough money for it in the bank and the i have agreed and during all my playtime I also had the club philosophy of "develop players using clubs youth system" - yet despite all of that i could never ask the board to increase the junior coaching budget like I could in previous versions. I check generally every 3 months ingame. Is there something I'm missing?
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