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  1. Yes I have reinstalled it on the original machine, and installed it on 3 other machines. I am using the same few saves for testing, so I assume its the actual save that is corrupted.
  2. I have multiple saves in the documents folder, even those a month old (in game month) crash on the same date, 4th of june 2022.
  3. Sadly rolling back the specific machine the game was originally installed on is not possible at this moment. It is a real shame the save cannot be fixed, as I have been playing FM until before the 2000s and I spent a lot of time on FM17 with this save, Also a shame you cant use the save on FM18. I will see if it is worth it for me to continue with the series, if the games go out of support and break so early in their lifespan. Anyways thank you for the support you have provided in this tread, if there is nothing else you can suggest, feel free to close this thread. Best Regards, Ivan Gergichanov
  4. No, the backup save also fails at the same spot. Do you think anything can be done for the save currently? What do you suggest for me to do to have the best chances to fix the save?
  5. Hello, Do you know if SI staff is known to take a look at broken save files? If they will be willing to take a look is there some way for me to contact them? If not do you know some external tools I can try to fix the issues at my own risk? Best Regards, Ivan
  6. Hello, I am using the standard install of the game in steam, no custom anything. If you want to check the save please advise me where to upload it so you can download it, as I mentioned the FTP link in the forum gives me "no permission" message. Best Regards, Ivan G.
  7. Hello FrazT, I am playing on the latest steam version of the game, there are no custom databases, and there is no dump files generated in C:/Users/Ivan/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017 The game just exits without freezing or anything and the windows message that "The program has stopped working" pops up. Best regards, Ivan Gergichanov
  8. Hello, I have tried all fixes mentioned in the forum: Clear cache Removing and adding manager removing leagues taking vacation Installing the game on different machines Game keeps crashing on the specified date, first the sound of my machine cuts for a second or so and then game quits with a windows error. Is it possible to look in the save file and edit things to fix this issue? I would upload the save file to the FTP, but I am getting "You dont have permission to visit this". If you require the save, please advice how to upload it. Thank you, Ivan Gergichanov
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