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  1. Hi there, Not sure where this goes, so that's why it is here. I am wondering what constitutes as a 'Mistake Leading to Goal'. In the match file that I uploaded, Aarons dives into a tackle in the lead-up to the goal at 90+2, but only gets charged with a lost challenge, while Farinez is charged with 'Mistake Leading to Goal'. Thank you. Leicester v Newcastle.pkm
  2. Hi SI, I had 19 coaches and asked the board to hire additional staff, they then allowed me to hire up to 19 coaches, a net of 0 additional coaches. 'Aaron Lau - Newcastle pre coach' and 'Aaron Lau - Newcastle post coach' are the save files I have uploaded. Thank you.
  3. I have a match that alludes to what the OP is talking about. 64th minute my right back gets a red card for a handball and is nowhere near the ball, penalty called. On a perhaps related note, 59th minute right back gets a yellow card for something I cannot determine. Newcastle v FC Barcelona.pkm
  4. Is it now not possible to reset hall of fame data in FM19? Thank you.
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