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  1. http://www.sendbox.fr/5da435eef371618b/Nicolas_Vallier_-_AS_Piré_sur_Seiche_(Save_de_Secours).fm it's ok ?
  2. I did it but she said me " "PRB Uploads/Nicolas Vallier - AS Piré sur Seiche (Save de Secours).fm" is locked "
  3. Nicolas Vallier - AS Piré sur Seiche (Save de Secours).fm At the end of upload, i see the file is locked. it's ok ?
  4. I upload save (few hours before crash) and crash dump. you have both ? on cloud it's ok ? FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.17 20.46.27).dmp
  5. First, sorry for my bad english ... I play FM19 since 11 season with a created club but after the last game of the season (few hours after), i receive a message with crash dump. I already - Deleted Preferences and Caches Folder - Verified integrity of game files Do you need the save and crash dump file ? others things ?
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