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  1. That's all really helpful, I'll experiment with it. I think youve answered my CB questions there as well because I was considering having them on close down more as well but it seems more conservative to just push with my front 4/5. Especially since I'm already playing on positive so they're more aggressive as it is I think.
  2. My team's pretty good for Determination, Work Rate, Aggression. What are the attributes I should be looking for? Also, do you think id be more successful if I have everyone even the CBs on the same page. And, an you point me towards an explanation for a split block? So I
  3. This seems like a good idea, I'm going to try using OIs to target the FBs and wingers to force them into the centre.
  4. So I'm playing a very similar style to most people I see posting on here. That is, I try to win the ball back quickly using counter-pressing and play aggressively with high possession. For the most part I'm keeping a decent amount of possession but I've got two issues. The first and most serious problem is that we concede a lot of goals from long balls over the top of my defence. I've tried lowering my line, being less aggressive and having a cover/stopper duo at the back but the issues seem to just continue. We have conceded between 1/3 and 1/2 of our goals like this. Secondly, we h
  5. Any tips on corners? I've tried a few things and I'm trying to figure out what seems to be working well. Anyone got any routines that are consistently producing chances and if so can you give me some tips?
  6. What's the best way to maintain match fitness, I have a pretty settled first 11 but when I have to make a switch my bench is always lacking match fitness. Last year I got a message before youth team games asking who I wanted to be available. Is there a reason I don't get these now or am I missing something obvious?
  7. I want to make space behind the opposition's defence by bringing them out to attack me. I'm playing a deep defensive line with a back four and two holding midfielders in a 4231, are there any key TIs which are really important to make this work?
  8. I'm looking for some tactical advice, I've been playing FM for a few years but wouldn't say I'm an expert. We're into March 2024 and I've managed to get my Rochdale team into the PL. We've had two seasons of it finishing around 10th each time but we've never a game against the top 6. I tried to switch things up this year and I've spent a bit of money improving the team. My aim was to play high pressure football win the ball back quickly and then give my front three some freedom to take their time making chances. I created my own 4123 around Christmas and we were initially succes
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