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  1. This has been an awesome game. Was there actually any need to dive there?
  2. Gone for one small bet to kick off, Anelka 80/1 for golden boot at bwin. Finish exams tomorrow, will look at the rest then.
  3. Someone on the SMB claims that someone he knows who went on the pitch is banned for the rest of the season. It is a problem but I'm not sure how it can best be dealt with. If the club received a hefty fine, Quinn and Keane could make sure the fans know that by running on the pitch, they're halting the club's progress in terms of spending more on players. However, I really doubt the intelligence of the people who do run on the pitch would understand that, so it would make no difference. Haven't been to the SoL in ages so not sure if it's always from the same parts of the ground - if it is, increased stewarding along the front would surely be the best solution.
  4. Thankfully not.
  5. that article is beautiful. "wearyside" just genius. also baffled by the "has beens" comment.
  6. We ended our interest in Goian over the price tag apparently.
  7. Erm, I think you'll find in that situation the buying club pays it, not the player himself.
  8. What?
  9. See, that fuels a rivalry, none of this nelly wind up nonsense.
  10. Pfft Quinn and his rich Irish friendlys casually overlooked.
  11. Surprised he didn't crash his car when he was told.
  12. Plenty of times I've slipped playing having made the exact contact I wanted.
  13. Paddy Evra comfortably my favourite United player.
  14. Well, he seemed to be using that as an excuse, rather than it being the object of the exercise. Seeing as the other pundit basically fielded a team basically filled with United and Chelsea players methinks he's just a bit thick.