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  1. Nice, although a positive interaction for them to do it would be good as well. Wan Bissaka had a 4.8 game for me, directly responsible for 2 goals in a 6-1 drubbing by Watford. Criticised his performance last game, and he disagreed! Didn't increase his workrate after that either! (Maybe I need to give him an official warning instead).
  2. I agree with a previous post on here regarding teams setting up offensively in one shape, and defensively in another (e.g. Barcelona 4-3-3 with the ball, 4-4-2 without the ball). - You could take it further with regards to player roles and positions in both phases, and even have multiple shapes depending on the phase of play. - It would be even better to be able to bring back the old tactical view of the pitch, and manually assign where you'd like the players to be positioned at various points in play (e.g. from an attacking corner, having 3 players ringed around the edge of the box like in real life, to enable a high press to stop the counter). Tactical Flexibility & More Player Autonomy: Example: Barcelona v Man Utd - 10/4/19 - In possession, Barcelona had their usual 4-3-3 with Busquets, Arthur & Rakitic in midfield, and upfront Coutinho, Suarez & Messi. - Out of possession, Barcelona went 4-4-2 with Coutinho dropping into LM, and Rakitic moving to RM, Busquets stepping forward into CM with Arthur. - At various points in possession though, Barcelona also changed to a 3-5-2 shape, with Busquets dropping between Lenglet and Pique, the FB pushing forwards creating width, while Rakitic and Arthur were joined in MF by Coutinho, with Suarez and Messi up front. With intelligent, tactically aware players like Pique, Busquets, Rakitic, Messi this fluidity was made to look easy. - Rather than the manager constantly changing shape, it may be worth having a player with high attributes for Decisions, Anticipation, Positioning (e.g. Busquets) to make the decision on when to change shape, so they are "reading the game" and applying sensible "game management" - e.g. Barca deciding to retain possession in the final 10 mins in a solid 4-4-2 shape and not play any risky balls. Provides more incentive to buy a lieutenant on the pitch that you can trust to make those decisions for you in real time, knowing when to attack and commit more players forward, and when to be sensible.
  3. It'd be good to be able to have more of an influence on a players attributes through training, matches, interaction with players etc. I'll use work rate in this example, but it could also apply to things like determination, teamwork etc. Whether this could be applied to things like Pace / Strength if you'd like your player to develop into a different role (e.g. Calvert-Lewin's development into a target man by working with Duncan Ferguson, bulking up, improving his strength, jumping reach, trait: play with back to goal) etc. For example, Everton were on a poor run of form before the last international break (from mid Jan to March, Everton only won twice in 9 games, losing 6). Since that break, the players have now won 3 games in a row and not conceded, with the biggest change of all being in tricky wingers Bernard and Richarlison showing a workrate like never before. On FM, Bernard's work rate is fixed at 10, whereas this season (& especially recently), his workrate has been much higher (more akin to a 15/16), with him tracking opposition full backs into his own penalty area. Richarlison has been the same on the other side, showing an appetite for defensive work like never before. Credit has to go to Marco Silva for eking this out of the players, whether it's through interactions with the player (telling them off / convincing them of the need to work harder) or hard training, the results are playing out. Calvert-Lewin is suddenly playing like a man possessed, occupying 2 defenders at once with his strength, jumping, heading, work rate and pace (all stats that would be markedly better than the game's default setting). It would be great to be able to have an influence on stats like these on football manager by setting various training schedules, via the side's tactical approach, and by interacting with the player to get them to work harder for the team.
  4. I'm aware that with the delegation of responsibilities to other members of staff (including Director of Football, Chief Scout, Assistant Manager etc), you can do a workaround of this on FM 19, but a real life version instead would be incredible. Currently the manager has the option to control both the playing side (Head Coach) and the business side (Director of Football) of the club. Some players much prefer one aspect over the other, and find themselves bogged down with aspects they don't enjoy, so alongside being able to select the current manager role, it'd be good to be able to select different management roles to focus on your area of enjoyment. Start New Game, Add New "Manager", Management Role: - Manager - which is current FM mode & allows a lot of autonomy of hiring/firing Director of Football, Other Staff etc. (A more traditional approach to management in the Ferguson / Wenger style) Currently this allows you to micro-manage every aspect of football, but sometimes you can irreparably damage the club (e.g. unrealistic transfers over 48 months, expensive sacking of all staff etc.) - Head Coach - New Role - You control the playing side: tactics, managing games, interacting with press, players & coaches. (A more continental approach e.g. Guardiola with Txiki Begiristain) In this mode you won't be able to interfere with the club's existing scouting network and director of football role. Means you have less control over the financial / club side, and have to work with a DoF to scout / find / buy players - DoF finalises contracts / transfer negotiations etc. This role will streamline the business side, so you just select your ideal targets (& backup targets), just like in real life and try to manage the team on the pitch. - Director of Football - New Role - You control the business side: You finalise all negotiations for players, transfers (in/out). You work with the chief scout to establish scouting networks to find your next star on the cheap (e.g. Mahrez, Kante etc in the manner that a club like Porto or PSV do with their scouting networks). You have to establish a good relationship with agents and sound out whether players would be interested in a move (& time it well, e.g. while your club is playing well). You'd have to work with the manager to identify targets, the manager may want 1 profile of player (e.g. Mourinho wanting players in their prime with low re-sale value e.g. Perisic, Alderweirald) vs the DoF or the Club wanting a different profile of player (e.g. Ed Woodwood wanting to retain younger players Mourinho wanted rid of who can improve with time e.g. Martial & Pogba). Some clubs like the big Turkish clubs like to sign ageing stars to boost their profile, so this may suit the hiring of a manager with that tendency. Then as a DoF your job is to find such targets and bring them to the club. You will report to the board and have their confidence over deals & whether they fit the profile of player the club wants to sign (like in the current manager transfer confidence), and you could also have manager confidence (how happy they are with your signings for them, whether they agree with your signings) and fan confidence (see how Roma's fans turned on DoF Monchi after he sold Nainggolan and Strootman to bring young players in to the club). The key to doing a good job would be juggling the 3 confidences successfully, while managing the club's finances. Manager / Fans / Board could interact with you via the press, and your level of control and input may fluctuate in relation to the manager's strength. If the manager doesn't agree with your signing, it may be that he refuses to play them (like Mourinho and Shevchenko), and this may affect your re-sale value of the player etc. A good director of football should (along with interaction from the manager) be able to convince transfer targets that their club is the right one for them (e.g. Marcel Brands convincing the likes of Andre Gomes and Lucas Digne to come from Barcelona to Everton when this may be unlikely on football manager). Some clubs may only have room for a Manager, while others may want a DoF and Head Coach model. It would be interesting to see if you could pair an online game, where one player is a DoF, while the other is Head Coach, and you have to work co-operatively to succeed. Just an idea to expand the game, and allow players more control over the areas of the game they find most interesting.
  5. In real life, lots of players are often utilised in new positions that Football Manager doesn't think they could ever be re-trained to play as: E.g. - Zinchenko and Delph becoming Left Back's - Lahm becoming a world class DM - Silva and De Bruyne becoming central midfielders (from CAM / Wingers) - Mandzukic becoming a great wide Target Man - Deulofeu becoming an effective striker It would be great to be able to re-train players to new positions if they have existing attributes that match these positions E.g. Lucas Digne / Leighton Baines - In real life, they both have great composure, technique, vision, passing - all attributes that could easily allow them to be retrained as a central / defensive midfield playmaker. Eg. Tom Davies - In real life lacks technical stats, but has good defensive mental stats (anticipation, positioning, workrate, teamwork etc). Based on his best mental attributes, he could be retrained as a holding midfield player rather than BTB Midfielder. (Obviously not retraining Messi to become a Centre Back as his attributes don't match that of a great CB, but his attributes may match those of an advanced playmaker for example). Timeframe wise as well, currently it takes too long for a player to be retrained, and often the end result is ineffective if they are not already at "Accomplished". This could be accelerated by training, match practice, training intensity etc and individual work on those attributes necessary for the role. You could even add some interaction with the player on convincing them of the new role to begin with, saying this is where you see their best position, convincing them when they complain about it during training. You could even add fan interaction to it, frustration that they feel the player is being utilised incorrectly.
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