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  1. Nice, although a positive interaction for them to do it would be good as well. Wan Bissaka had a 4.8 game for me, directly responsible for 2 goals in a 6-1 drubbing by Watford. Criticised his performance last game, and he disagreed! Didn't increase his workrate after that either! (Maybe I need to give him an official warning instead).
  2. I agree with a previous post on here regarding teams setting up offensively in one shape, and defensively in another (e.g. Barcelona 4-3-3 with the ball, 4-4-2 without the ball). - You could take it further with regards to player roles and positions in both phases, and even have multiple shapes depending on the phase of play. - It would be even better to be able to bring back the old tactical view of the pitch, and manually assign where you'd like the players to be positioned at various points in play (e.g. from an attacking corner, having 3 players ringed around the edge of the bo
  3. It'd be good to be able to have more of an influence on a players attributes through training, matches, interaction with players etc. I'll use work rate in this example, but it could also apply to things like determination, teamwork etc. Whether this could be applied to things like Pace / Strength if you'd like your player to develop into a different role (e.g. Calvert-Lewin's development into a target man by working with Duncan Ferguson, bulking up, improving his strength, jumping reach, trait: play with back to goal) etc. For example, Everton were on a poor run of
  4. I'm aware that with the delegation of responsibilities to other members of staff (including Director of Football, Chief Scout, Assistant Manager etc), you can do a workaround of this on FM 19, but a real life version instead would be incredible. Currently the manager has the option to control both the playing side (Head Coach) and the business side (Director of Football) of the club. Some players much prefer one aspect over the other, and find themselves bogged down with aspects they don't enjoy, so alongside being able to select the current manager role, it'd be good to be able to selec
  5. In real life, lots of players are often utilised in new positions that Football Manager doesn't think they could ever be re-trained to play as: E.g. - Zinchenko and Delph becoming Left Back's - Lahm becoming a world class DM - Silva and De Bruyne becoming central midfielders (from CAM / Wingers) - Mandzukic becoming a great wide Target Man - Deulofeu becoming an effective striker It would be great to be able to re-train players to new positions if they have existing attributes that match these positions E.g. Lucas Digne / Leighton Baines - In rea
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