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  1. im on my 3rd season works fine like them all if only dan brings them out quicker I cant wait to play them
  2. lvl 15 does work m8 im testing it they all work either u must have another English db ****ing it up I don't know
  3. dan bhtfc will u be sticking rebel fc and all the other youtube teams into the game for chance of promotion like make a tier 23 for them It would be gd to go them with the real players
  4. got a question here see this logo badges does that come with logo strips and if so do I need to do a new save because I have the badges but not the strips or do I have to get strips logos seperate
  5. hi does anyone know if someone has made up the non fifa nations and there leagues like Shetland,orkney,sicilly,greenland,yorkshire ,guernsey,jersey,isle of man and isle of wight etc. would be great to play.
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