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  1. hey is this db out yet m8 or have u kepted it for urself
  2. they must be accurate m8 or wiki wouldn't have stuck it up for no reason
  3. they must be active leagues m8 or why else would it be tier 20
  4. 20 Bristol and Avon League – 11 clubs Central and South Norfolk League Division Four – 12 clubs Devon and Exeter Football League Division Eight – 12 clubs East Berkshire Football League Division Four – 10 clubs Stroud and District League Division Seven – 14 clubs (NOTE: This is the lowest level at which any league has its top division)
  5. hi was wondering if anyone could make up a youtube league and add it to dan bhtfc database tier 22 have all the youtube football teams as a promotion/relegation to give them a chance to make it to the prem
  6. dan will u be adding the youtube teams for a one of league for promotion have the likes of rebel fc with rio Ferdinand ,sidemen fc,f2 freestylers,xo fc,palmers fc,copa90,se dons fc,shenzi fc and creators fc it would be so cool to have them added to the game for the fight of promotion
  7. no worries m8 I will just need to make my own love the work u and dan have done cant wait for fm20 lol
  8. hey mikey m8 cant mind if I asked u this b4 but is there anyone making the facepacks for this e22
  9. awrite mikey m8 was wondering how far have u done the logos to and when will u be doing the rest
  10. nice one dan m8 will u be sticking this up on the first page
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