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  1. could you add 17 yr old aussie wonderkid Adrian Segecic to rangers please https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/leaked-photos-appear-to-show-midfield-talent-being-welcomed-to-rangers/
  2. see i find that all hard to do it just ****s with my head all the time so i just eventually quit and give up
  3. sounds so kl i tried to do something like that with my scottish database i have because im from east kilbride just outside glasgow and i made a east kilbride league up made the logos and kits for it but because i find the editor a bit hard sometimes to make up leagues and add it i cant figure out how to a can only move teams around leagues and add players but thats about all i can do
  4. what i done was updated all the staff and the transfer of players for the lower league sides thou im still updateing everyday
  5. i personally did say months ago to dan his fm19 file worked perfected but he did decide to do it from scratch again
  6. you will need to ask dan bhtfc that makes the england tier 19 database m8
  7. hey boofhead54 would it be possible to add a league or two with a few very well known youtube teams and add it to dan tier 19 database if possible m8
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangers_F.C._Under-20s_and_Academy
  9. hey pro do u have the latest new youngsters for glasgow rangers in ur database the likes of charlie lindsay,leon king and james graham among a few
  10. advanced editor it has worked no problem for me before so i dont know why its not working now
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