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  1. I don't have a Windows laptop ;) I have tried with 20.0.1 version : - Playonlinux : no (just black screen, maybe a problem with the graphic card) - Virtualbox : no (virtualbox bug) - Steam Linux : no (just black screen, maybe a problem with the graphic card) - WineHQ : Game launch, but no 3D image on the welcome screen. And crash dump when I tried to launch a new game (after championship selection) I will try with 20.0.02 version, but now I'm not really optimistic...
  2. I will try "PlayOnLinux" or yes, a virtual machine. But, it's the first time that a FM doesn't work on my Ubuntu
  3. FM 2020 v20.0.1.1303377 (2019.10.31 23.42.01).dmp
  4. The linux community will want that I ask the question to you... So nobody can help me in Sigames? I'm the only Ubuntu user for FM?
  5. I Know you don't ever test the game since 2017 on ubuntu. But I continue to play FM on it, and i'ts OK with FM 18 and 19. And for the first time, the game doesn't work. I've seen this screen attached, or just a black screen. Could you help me? Thanks!
  6. 4,072 hours for me (French player). Keep up the good word @Riz Remes !! If I win on the french lottery tonight, I will pay for your time on 1.5 on all future updates Thanks to keep this excellent game alive! With the new version oft TBL roster, I will now have more hours on your game! For french players, we have open a topic on Hockeyarchives forum : https://forum.passionhockey.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=15487
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