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  1. Hi all! I'm still struggling with strikers, the tactic is working pretty good but the striker just scores by penalty/set pieces! I'm managing a sub-top team in the league, can you help me please? I would like to have the striker as best scorer in the team
  2. well, so we can find some other things to do in the Christmas holidays, the game it's actually unplayable
  3. I've tried to make my own tactics many times without success, I've asked help in tactic section too but I never solved problems and so I didn't learn how to make them properly. This is why I guess I'll download this year too
  4. Hi! I've started a new game and made a new tactic from zero after reading some guides, things are going slightly better but the striker is still playing too bad, do you have any other suggestions?
  5. anyway I've played some other matches, too less goals scored and poor ratings for attackers. Defence some improved after last changes
  6. Hi, I had a crush dump after a match, could you check it? FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.07 16.54.33).dmp
  7. yes comprehensive, sometimes I try to do small tweaks when things are not going well but I'm not really good in that, like in making tactics
  8. I did it yesterday, maybe I've changed something after some matches, now I did it again
  9. I've played some matches...Ronaldo scored just on free kick, offensive players aren't playing good and we suffered long passages behind the defense
  10. I switched him as DMCR to have more protection, anyway I'll going to try these changes, thanks
  11. I did what you told to me, I've tried switching back dlp to m position too, I got some lucky wins in matches where I had the same chanches of my opponent and I lost some matches, like vs Ajax and Inter Maybe the striker plays slightly better in this way but I'm not in control of the match anymore
  12. I've tried and I guess I'll unistall the game, I'm really tired, thanks anyway for the help
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