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  1. I saw that FM needs OpenGL but Apple uses Metal with 10.14.5 . So My macbook is running the game with Metal instead of OpenGL. What can i do about that ? Are you going to develop FM2020 compatible with Metal ? If you gonna fix it i will buy FM2020 for mac but if you don’t i couldn’t play the game smoothly anymore 😓 Edit: Using MacOS 10.14.5
  2. I’m using Macbook Pro 2017 13inch with TouchBar (Iris plus 650 with 8gb RAM). I got 5 stars 3D quality but i had to reinstall MacOS for other issues. I installed FM2019 again but now it shows my 3D quality 1 star and 3D simulation doesn’t playable. I need for your help.
  3. Can’t solve this ? I started to play FM this year and it is the best manager game I’ve ever seen but issues like that are annoying. Please do your best and solve this ASAP SI Games...
  4. Still waiting for a fix. Please fix this as soon as possible. Game isn’t playable right now and this is extremely harassing. 😕
  5. Any updates ? Still waiting for a fix. Please hurry up
  6. Same on my MacBook Pro. I got 5 stars 3D quality but I can't play matches with 3D because of the lag problem. Please solve this a soon as possible. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks!
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