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  1. What's wrong with you? Like I see you are really sarcastic person, so stay off my comments, dont quotte my posts. And in my comment no have any negative feedback, is my suggestion and reason why I wont buy the game to play, cuz for last 10 years they didnt try to add Bosnian league, but they can add Gibraltar or Kosovo...! So, stay back of me, and enjoy in your life!
  2. Yea I can play tetris while I traveling with my players away, that can be good feature for FM that DEVS add! Imagine Tetris in FM. And watching and playing with my players is not something what I like it. If I want to watching and playing with my players then I can play PES or FIFA instead of FM!
  3. Nah, I want option in-game "assistant manager" then u can choose instead to be "manager of club" you can be "assistant manager" then u follow other managers how they play and what they doing. Cuz first you need alot exp to get before u takeover some of clubs. That's how going your conversation, if you are angry or you dont agreed with me just say "Nah, I don't agreed with you I don't want that" and that will be good, not to arguing with me what is good what isnt! We are have diff opinions, you and me are diff like a fingers on hands!
  4. Well we can live in isolation. lives in a mansion in Cheshire with a wife/husband and a cat named Molly adds absolutely nothing. (It gives to media to write something about me, my life, my players and making football manager more interesting to play)!
  5. So in order to build a stadium for you to have 300 million Euros in the club's budget, and the club's management decides instead of building new stadiums with a capacity of some 50k seats, they decide to expand the current stadium with a capacity of 5k seats, with an extension of additional 10k places. Regardless of the fact that you have a huge budget, you will never have the opportunity for the club management to grant you the construction of a new stadium with huge capacity, will always strive to expand the existing stadium. I'm telling you this because I've played many versions of the fo
  6. As far as I know managers and real-life players have families, they live in their homes, if suspended watch their matches from the stands. Medical staff treats players in club private clinics. Scouts in charge of bringing young and talented footballers are tracked by players from academia in other countries of the world. To make the game look real and to have the feeling that you are really in the role of a football manager, you must have the feeling that you are really in the role of a real manager rather than in the role of virtual reality. Then developers should change the name of the ga
  7. Hi all! I'm playing football manager for a years, but from years to years, I was expect better features in 2015-2016-2017....etc! And I'm little disappointed that the game is not moved from scale 5 to 10. So, I wanna suggest some of new features that developers reconsider and add in future. Here we are: Every manager have real life same like every player, so (add in the game something like real life, how manager live, what car drive, which house/hotel/penthouse have, which clothes he use, it he is married, how many kids have, is he divorced, where he traveling on
  8. Where is "Bosnian League"? I wish to buy but only if you add "Bosnian League"! For 10 years u cannot to add this league but u can add more weaker league whos founded in last few years in real life! It's really embarrassing.
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