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  1. CC: @Experienced Defender - This all makes complete sense and I like the idea of adjusting width in response to opposition. Will probably kick games off in standard and then adjust outwards if the opp. is raining in the crosses and overlapping down the wings. CC: @zlatanera - This is a very fair point and thanks for sending. Top of my list for first season transfers is actually a mobile left-footed CM with high work rate, off the ball, positioning, etc. to run that carrilero role. I think tonight I will post one final breakdown of everything before tucking into the season ahead. Haven't had masses of time this week. Cheers!
  2. Right, after some fiddling around/back-and-forth. We've got the following together: I've added low crosses to encourage cut backs - partially because I now have three CMs with two outer CMs taking wide positions (especially Traoré). I am going to try a front three split block w/ more urgent pressing and heavier tackling. I will also set up the AM to specifically mark an opposition's DM. I am wondering whether I need to encourage the team to defend wider when out of position? Just to encourage the outer CMs to help the WBs with pressing/marking, especially when teams play wide forwards with wide full/wing backs overlapping. Does defend winder tick that box? I think we're getting somewhere! Really appreciate the help @Experienced Defender / @frukox!
  3. Could you post a screenshot @Malkael of your tactic? Would be really interesting to see this!
  4. That makes sense - I actually think the player I have in the Mezzala slot (Hamed Junior Traore) has the right makeup to get involved with more urgent pressing - good work rate, off the ball, decisions, aggression. In terms of my principles, I do wonder whether a 4-3-1-2 may in fact be better suited to my goals: I think potentially getting an extra body in the midfield may improve my chances of achieving my principles. This of course comes at the cost of losing a centre half but having three across the middle in the CM strata would allow us better coverage of the centre whilst also allowing the outer CMs to take wider positions and support the transitions with the WB. I was thinking: Please ignore the fact this is Pescara as opposed to Sassuolo. I am specifically thinking about the players at my disposal at Sassuolo. I think I would invert the above as well to have the CWB and DLF on the left, Mez etc. on the right. If I was looking to build around the 4-3-1-2 shape as opposed to the 5-2-1-2 to achieve my goals, would those roles be well suited? I have doubts whether a poacher works, or whether in fact an AF would be better. I also think that Sassuolo have a decent BPD in Chiriches at the RCB slot, so would look to incorporate him there. Really would appreciate any advice @Experienced Defender
  5. Amazing - thank you very much both for the advice. Will look into removing offside trap / rearranging the defensive duties. I think Chiriches works just as well as a stopper - albeit not the most aggressive player which would help a bit. Regarding the split block - I actually already had this in place just minus the mezzala. What is the thinking behind including the mezzala @Experienced Defender? Is that on account of that player occupying a higher starting position, that places him in amongst the AM(A) anyway? Really appreciate the advice both @frukox and @Experienced Defender!
  6. Hello! Really would appreciate any help with setting up roles for my Sassuolo team. First season. I think the 5-2-1-2 gets the best out of my squad whilst adhering to the principles I want to stick with. Ignore the empty bench. The principles I want to build my tactic around: Vertical (shorter) passing between the lines as opposed to passing the ball for the sake of it I want my players to spread out and occupy different vertical and horizontal lines High defensive line w/ offside trap - utilising my fast, agile defence I want to utilise the creative left-footed players at my disposal - specifically Rogerio and Berardi - so I am to have creative, roaming roles on the left whilst my right hand side move up and get into channels I want to play on the front foot Do the roles look balanced and suited to the style of play? I would appreciate any advice. I am unsure about the defensive roles but I am trying to make sure I play to their strengths - especially with regards to preferred foots. Also, Chiriches is a great passer, so I want any defence line creative onos to be on him. Please rip to shreds and explain anything that looks odd. All help much appreciated. Happy Sunday.
  7. I am also sadly in same boat. Really interested in the formation. Think I understand Giampaolo's principles etc. The above formation to me looks near enough spot on. The only way I've got any success (even then not great success) is by moving away from the principles and trying to generate activity down the wings with the wingbacks bombing on. Next to nothing created by my AM - even when he appears open to slot in the AF. Would be incredibly interested to see anyone who's got success out of playing a Giampaolo/Sarri (at Empoli) style 4-3-1-2.
  8. When can we expect part three? I'm v. much interested in hearing about the attack element to the formation. Thanks.
  9. Loved pt. 1 & 2! Will you be covering any player instructions? Just thinking that if there's extreme urgency when it comes to team pressing, that may prove counter-intuitive when it comes to having you midfield two holding position and playing conservatively. Will you be turning their individual pressing instructions down a notch? Thanks
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